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Save Pd patches as SVG

This adds a new menu-item to the "File" menu: "Save patch as SVG..."

It allows you to save the current Pd patch as an SVG graphics.


Simply copy the patch2svg-plugin.tcl into your Pd searchpath.


The official repository is

There is also a mirror on github:

Reporting Issues

If you have discovered a bug or are missing some functionality, please do not hestitate to let me know. We are currently accepting bug-reports (and pull-requests) on our github mirror:


If you want the "Save patch as SVG..." menu-entry to be displayed in another language, please send me a translation (you can use the patch-tracker for this).


  • IOhannes m zmölnig

  • the canvas2svg converter was original written by Mats Bengtsson (and virtually no changes have been made to it).

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