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To help you in your proposal rating duties, here are a set of suggestions towards the process.

On your first pass of a submission, think about:

  • Who is this for?
  • Why do they care?
  • What are the learning outcomes?

On your second pass, do a more thorough reading and make notes.

  • Does the title sell the submission?
  • Is the abstract clear with a scope that is appropriate for the time slot?
  • Does the scope match the intended audience?
  • Is the topic timely? New take on a subject? Unique?
  • Does the person communicate a care and passion to teach others versus trying to sell something?

After your second pass, evaluate the talk. Try to come up with 3 good things and 3 improvements as to what could have made this proposal better. If you would like to share this feedback, please fill out the feedback form per talk. In the Judy tool rate the talk 1-10; 1 being on the not well suited for this venue to, 10 being you feel that we really should have this talk no matter what.

Be careful to remember that everyone has a unique voice, and just because you might not agree with someone doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t have the opportunity to speak. Pairing to evaluate a proposal is encouraged!