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OpenReview Python library



Client(username=None, password=None, baseurl=None)


initialize the client and get a group

>>> import openreview
>>> client = openreview.Client(username='', password='12345', baseurl='')
>>> iclr_group = client.get_group('')

get all notes submitted via a given invitation

>>> notes = client.get_notes(invitation='')
>>> first_note = notes[0]
>>> second_note = notes[1]

list of functions:

get_group(self, id):

get_invitation(self, id):

get_note(self, id):

get_groups(self, prefix=None, regex=None, member=None, host=None, signatory=None):

get_invitations(self, id=None, invitee=None, replytoNote=None, replyForum=None, signature=None, note=None):

get_notes(self, id=None, forum=None, invitation=None, replyto=None, tauthor=None, signature=None, writer=None, includeTrash=None, number=None):

post_group(self, group, overwrite=True):

post_invitation(self, invitation):

post_note(self, note):

send_mail(self, subject, recipients, message):

add_members_to_group(self, group, members):

remove_members_from_group(self, group, members):

Link to full Documentation

Run tests

To run the tests of the library you need to have the OpenReview backend running in your localhost.

Checkout the code and run

NODE_ENV=test node scripts/clean_start_app.js