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GitHub Tooling

There are several great tools to help make better use of GitHub:

A related tool is which does real-time markdown to XML, Text, or HTML conversion.

Below is a list of possible extensions to these tools to improve the GitHub experience for WG participants:

  • An app that helps users track unreviewed PRs across different GitHub draft repositories, as well as their status with respect to draft editor copies.
  • A post-commit hook that will transform PR commit messages into draft change log contents.
  • A tool that will ensure TODOs which require consensus reference corresponding issue numbers in the repository.
  • A tool that takes issue or PR numbers and generates draft emails for the list when consensus is needed. In other words, a quick way to take discussion from GitHub to a WG list.
  • Tooling to archive mailing list discussions in a repo for posterity (not sure how necessary this is given Dom's mailing list tools).