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@NGPixel NGPixel released this
· 12563 commits to main since this release
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Release Date: Sun, March 21, 2010 at 11:26 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

From Pasi:

  • Show comments feed link only if it exists (=document is in IDInternal)

  • Fixed a broken link on main page

  • Move new look-and-feel base templates from templates/idrfc/ to just

  • Remove more unused code

  • Replaced /idtracker/help/evaluation/ with redirect to

  • /wg/: fix mailto links for WG chairs

  • /doc/: show telechat date in search results list

  • Show correct version number of expired drafts

  • /doc/rfcNNNN/: show rfc stream

  • Use new look for more pages

  • Replaced most of /idtracker/ (search, document page, ballot page,
    comment page) with redirects to /doc/

  • /doc/*: Show information about ballot sets

  • Refactoring /wg/: use redirects instead of redundant URLs; removed old
    charter pages (not used/linked to); misc. cleaning

  • Point to /wg// in left navbar and /meeting/agenda/