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Release Date: Tue, June 23, 2015 at 8:03 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

This is a minor release which provides some style tweaks, the ability to
set a user preference to not show the left-hand menu, and a substantial
number of bugfixes:

  • Merged in [9672] from
    Restore the hash to the customized ical link. Fixes #1732.

  • Merged in [9671] from
    Convert PPT materials to PDF. Fixes #1724.

  • Merged in [9668] from
    Draw the right number of days in the secretariats room view.

  • Merged in [9666] from
    Area names hardcoded in Proceedings app. Fixes #1723.

  • Merged in [9663] from
    Try a different way of wrapping ballot/comment fields and shepherd
    writeups. Related to #1673.

  • Merged in [9662] from
    Add Message objects to merge-person-records.

  • Merged in [9654] from
    Add searches across the web-based archive tool to the document's page.
    Collapse all the searches, including ARO for ADs, under a dropdown.
    Partially addresses #1701.

  • Merged in [9652] and [9653] from
    Provide color for ART.

  • Merged in [9651] from
    Adds a graphical overview of each day by room for the secretariat to
    assist with scheduling additional meetings.

  • Added preference editing support for the left_menu preference setting,
    and refactored the preference handling code substantially. Related to
    issues #1659 and #1663.

  • Merged in [9650] from
    Set the parent for newly created RGs. Be more robust if an RG has no
    parent. Test creation of an RG. Fixes #1718 and #1719.

  • Merged in [9649] from
    Provide a session type for sessions created to say a group is not
    meeting. Add a test for the no_meeting view. Fixes #1720.

  • Merged in [9641] from
    Make parsing IANA mail for comments more flexible.

  • Merged in [9639] from
    Only show document versions for positions when the position is on an
    older version. (Reapplying earlier fix). Fixes #1711.

  • Merged in [9637] from
    Color agenda/documents rows with position taken when viewing as an AD.
    Fixes bug #1679.

  • Merged in [9626] from
    Restore the discuss-box hiding feature when a position is not blocking.
    Fixes bug #1688.

  • Additional tweaks to document lists, trying to reduce the number of
    lines consumed by the status column.

  • Reduced the submenu line-height somewhat. Related to issue #1708.

  • Fixed incorrect output of unmatched

    closing elements, left after

  • Added a preference to not display the left-hand menubar. Addresses
    issues #1659 and #1663.

  • Tweaked the document list display slightly, to sqeeze in a little bit
    more info on a page. Addresses issue # 1663.

  • Wrap liaison statements on 78 characters rather than 71.