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Release Date: Thu, February 11, 2016 at 9:33 AM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

This is a small bugfix release.

  • Merged in [10811] from
    Handle expiring the last call of status change documents. Be more robust
    about errors when expiring last calls. Fixes #1911.

  • Merged in [10810] from
    Removed a bunch of redundant displays of the django messages framework
    messages from forms.

  • Merged in [10809] from
    Further tweaks to rendering messages from the messaging framework.

  • Merged in [10806] from
    Fix a minor typo in the new rfc_editor_note code.

  • Merged in [10804] from
    Some tweaks to handle rendering django messaging framework messages a
    little better.

  • Merged in [10803] from
    Create the approval ballot for charters when the charter enters external
    review (or iesg review if external review is skipped). Fixes #1792.

  • Moved some production-path checks to the checks module, and fixed up
    tests which changed some settings without restoring them.

  • Added caching to the smart document lookup view.