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The Datatracker Development Project

These are the project pages of the Datatracker Development Project.

The IETF Datatracker is a community effort -- while a number of feature sets have been written on contract, major effort have been put in over the years by the members of the community, and has resulted in pushing the coverage and refinement of the datatracker forward in many areas. The easiest way to get involved is to participate in the Code Sprints.

The datatracker code is available at GitHub.

Code Sprints

The first codesprint was held in Vancouver on the Saturday before IETF 70

Sprints have been held just before each IETF meeting since, with Sprints between IETF 109 and IETF 113 happening online, sometimes as interim meetings. Modern sprints have been held as tools team meetings and have their records linked from the meeting artifacts.

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