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IETF 104 Code Sprint Signup

Please add yourself to this list if you will be coming to the code sprint before IETF 104 .

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We're expecting that you'll have your laptop - if that's not the case, please note so in the comments.

Name Email Address Familiar with python? Familiar with django? Lunch? Dinner? T-Shirt size Comments
Robert Sparks Yes Yes Yes Yes XL
Henrik Levkowetz Yes Yes Yes Yes M
Russ Housley Yes Getting better Yes Yes XL
Tero Kivinen Somewhat Somewhat Yes Yes XXL
Ryan Cross Yes Yes Yes Yes M
Magnus Westerlund Yes Not Really Yes Yes XL
Jean Mahoney Somewhat Somewhat Yes Yes
Jim Fenton Yes Somewhat Yes No XL
Peter Yee Yes Somewhat Yes No L
Kent Watsen Yes Not really (bottle/flask yes) Yes Yes L I may need a laptop
Regina König somewhat somewhat yes yes L I need a laptop
Jari Arkko No No No No L Severely time restricted this time, also doing a Hackathon project
Ted Hardie Yes No No No L Mostly setting up for MD work
Luc André Burdet Yes No No No