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IETF 105 Code Sprint Signup

Please add yourself to this list if you will be coming to the IETF 105 Code Sprint.

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Name Email Address Lunch? Dinner? T-Shirt size Comments
Robert Sparks Yes Yes XL
Henrik Levkowetz Yes Yes M
Russ Housley Yes Yes XL
Mark Nottingham Yes No n/a
Tero Kivinen Yes Yes XL
Jim Fenton Yes Yes L
Jean Mahoney Yes Yes n/a
Ryan Hoffman Yes Yes M
Tom Pusateri Yes Yes M iOS app
Ryan Cross Yes Yes M
Ben Kaduk Yes Yes XL
Greg Wood Yes No n/a
Jari Arkko No No L

Please subscribe to the mailing list "" before the Code Sprint starts. This mailing list is for help with coordination and for use during the Code Sprint. More info on the list is available at