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IETF93 Code Sprint

Sprint Goals

The IETF 93 Code Sprint in Prague will, as always, let you work on fixing those things about the datatracker which you most urgently desire to do something about.

Sprint Participation

The Sprint will be run according to the IETFSprintHowto.

If you plan to participate, please sign up on the IETF93SprintSignUp page.

This sprint will take place from 9:30 to 18:00 in meeting room Rokoska ( The coding will end 18:00 on the dot, with dinner afterwards. The meeting rooms map will help you find the way here:

We have the mailing list "" to help with coordination and for use during the event. Please make sure you're subscribed before the event starts. More info on the list is available at

There is also a jabber room at

For information on setting up your environment, code checkout and commit, etc., see the SprintCoderSetup and SprintDatabase pages.

During the sprint, please update the two tables below; this helps both with coordination and with getting the code merged, released, and deployed :-)

See you in Prague!

This sprint's plan

  • Address whatever is bothering you the most
  • Identify an area of code which lacks testing coverage, and write tests
  • Fix as many of the issues captured at EnhancementIdeas as we can.
  • Work out any remaining issues with the Facelift

Please consider the higher priority items first. If you're looking for a short task, look for rows marked "easy" . If there's something you hope the sprint will address that's not on that list, please enter it as a new ticket using

Who's working on what?

Please fill in the following table when you've picked a task for the sprint. It's quite all right to pick and complete multiple tasks :-)

Who Short Description **Related ticket numbers **
Suresh Warn on submission if draft replaced #1619
Joel Halpern Remove back button from IESG Writeup page #1671
Suresh Notify relevant people on group delegate changes #1310

Completed code ready for merge and release

When you are ready to commit code which is ready form merge and release, please use the phrase Commit ready for merge in your commit message, if all related changes are contained in one commit, or Branch ready for merge if all your commits to your branch, up to the current, should be merged as one unit. This is described more extensively in CodeRepository#Requestingamergetotrunk

For sprint work on other things than the datatracker, please fill in the following table:

Who Notes

Wishlist (for this sprint or future sprints)

See (and add to) the list started at EnhancementIdeas -- current method of adding items is to open a new trac ticket.

If you have time to take on larger tasks between sprints, look through the full set of open tickets at for those not marked sprint.

Special notes for setup for this sprint


  • A working knowledge of python and/or web design

  • Learn the basic concepts of Django 1.7, e.g., work through the excellent tutorial.

  • Bring a laptop with Python 2.7, Subversion and (optionally) Mysql (5.x) installed, and be ready to check out a branch of the IETF web site from the tools svn server. (Some hints on preparing mac laptops are at MacSetup, hints for Debian 1.7 at DebianWheezySetup)