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IETF 98 Code Sprint Signup

Please add yourself to this list if you will be coming to the code sprint before IETF 98 .

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We're expecting that you'll have your laptop - if that's not the case, please note so in the comments.

Name Email Address Familiar with python? Familiar with django? Lunch? Dinner? T-Shirt size Comments
Henrik Levkowetz Yes Yes Yes Yes M
Robert Sparks Yes Yes Yes Yes 3XL
Russ Housley Yes Getting better Yes Yes XXL
Scott Mansfield Yes No Yes Yes XL
Dave Allan WIP WIP Yes Yes L
Peter Yee WIP No Yes Yes L
Lars Eggert Sorta Sorta Yes Yes don't need one
Tero Kivinen Somewhat Somewhat Yes Yes XL
Ryan Cross Yes Yes Yes Yes M
Ben Campbell Rusty really rusty Yes Yes XXL Mainly there as IESG tools liaison. Happy to help test stuff. Might even code something.
Jean Mahoney No No Yes Yes don't need one Willing to test
Christian O'Flaherty roughly roughly No No L will attend hackathon too
Pete Resnick A bit A bit Yes Probably XL
Alia Atlas rusty but yes just tutorial no no don't need one
Tom Pusateri Yes Yes Yes Yes L iPhone/iPad app Maps & Calendars
Barbara Stark Yes No No No