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Grant Negotiation and Authorization Protocol

Latest Draft

This repository contains the resource server facing specification of the Grant Negotiation and Authorization Protocol (GNAP) working group of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). All contributions are subject to the IETF Note Well.

Official working group drafts of this document are published at

A rendered version of the editors' copy (reflecting the current state of this repository) is available at

Discussion takes place on the IETF GNAP mailing list (txauth).

Building Instructions

This document is written using the kramdown-rfc2629 variant of Markdown. To build using the included Docker image, run the command:

docker-compose up

If successful, this will create the xml, txt, and html versions of the document in the publish directory.

To build the draft without Docker, install the kramdown-rfc2629 and xml2rfc tools locally and run them directly or by using the simple script provided.