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Build instructions

Using Gradle

If you just want to build the project, no prerequisites are required. Just run ./gradlew build from the checkout directory. This will download required version of the mbeddr platform language library from the itemis Nexus repository. When the build has finished, you can open the project in MPS from the folder <iets3.opensource>/code/languages/org.iets3.opensource

To publish this project's artifacts to the Maven local repository run ./gradlew publishToMavenLocal.

If you want to use a custom version of mbeddr with Gradle, publish its artifacts to the local Maven repository (consult mbeddr documentation).

Supported MPS versions

In general, we support the latest MPS version on master plus the three previous versions on maintenance branches.

What does support mean in this case?

We take care of porting changes done in older supported MPS versions to the newer ones. For details see wiki.

What MPS versions are currently supported?



Ask your questions about KernelF and talk to other users and authors of the IETS3 language library on the public Slack channel

Opening the project in MPS

Open the folder [ROOT]/code/languages/org.iets3.opensource in MPS where ROOT is the root folder of this project.

Project Structure

The project is separated into the following virtual packages:


Name Description
build-allScripts.xml This ant script generates the overall build script that also contains the script for running the tests from the command line.
prebuild.xml This ant script contains the analysis language, core base, and expressions base.
build-languages.xml This ant script contains all languages and generates the finished zip file.
build-distro.xml This ant script combines the files from the mbeddr platform with the files from the previous script.
build-tests.xml This ant script contains all the test languages and solutions and also runs the KernelF generated tests as part of the build. This is achieved by including an instance of RunKernelFGeneratedTests.


Name Description
org.iets3.analysis.base  This language contains basic concepts and interfaces and a plugin solution related to solvers.


Name Description
org.iets3.core.assessment It contains an AssessmentQuery to find untraced elements. It can be used inside an instance of Assessment inside an AssessmentContainer. It also contains a generic trace query to find traced elements.


Name Description
org.iets3.components.core.interpreter It contains the interpreter for the components language.
org.iets3.components.core.sandbox It is a sandbox for components.
org.iets3.components.plugin It contains a custom project view that displays all the components in the project.
tests.ts.components.core It contains test cases related to the components language.
org.iets3.components.core This languages add support for components. More info: page 24
org.iets3.components.req It adds support for components (alias:components) in requirements.
test.iets3.component.attribute This language adds test attributes for components (see instances in components tests).


Name Description
org.iets3.core.plugin It contains a custom project view that displays all nodes related to the specification. It contains tests for comments.
org.iets3.core.attributes It contains the language that implements attributes for components.
org.iets3.core.base This language contains basic concepts and interfaces and a plugin solution related to this project.
org.iets3.core.users This language allows specifying users and user directories. Not used anywhere.


The package genjava contains interpreters for generating Java code from KernelF. It also included an example for generating Java code from state machines.

Core language constructs (lang-core)

This package contains the following parts of KernelF (full paper, reference) including runtime solution and interpreters:

Package Name Description
org.iets3.core.expr.base KernelF base language reference
org.iets3.core.expr.collections support for lists, maps, sets page 5
org.iets3.core.expr.lambda anonymous functions lambda) page 6
org.iets3.core.expr.path path expressions (record) page 61
org.iets3.core.expr.repl read–eval–print loop page 12
org.iets3.core.expr.simpleTypes simple types (bool, numeric, string) page 2
org.iets3.core.expr.simpleTypes.tests simple type tests It contains tests for simple types.
org.iets3.core.expr.tests expression test language It implements a language for testing expressions.
org.iets3.core.expr.toplevel top level expressions It contains expressions that can be used at the top level (records, functions, constants etc). A top level can be for example a Library
org.iets3.core.expr.tracing tracing It is a utility language that helps with tracing.

Advanced language constructs (lang-advanced)

This package contains the following parts of KernelF (full paper, reference) including runtime solution and interpreters:

Package Name Description
org.iets3.core.expr.adt algebraic data types(ADT) tests: #1, #2 data tables tests: #1, #2
org.iets3.core.expr.dataflow data flow tests: #1
org.iets3.core.expr.datetime date type page 19
org.iets3.core.expr.doc expression documentation It contains additional top level expressions for documentation purposes.
org.iets3.core.expr.lookup lookup table It implements a lookup table that supports a lookup method that returns the cell content at the specified index. example: doc page 17
org.iets3.core.expr.math math expressions example: page 6, tests: #1
org.iets3.core.expr.messages messages tests: #1
org.iets3.core.expr.metafunction meta functions page 28
org.iets3.core.expr.natlang natural language expressions tests: #1
org.iets3.core.expr.query query expressions It is a simple sql like querying language; tests: #1
org.iets3.core.expr.temporal temporal type page 20
org.iets3.core.expr.typetags type tags page 67
org.iets3.core.expr.util.dectab binary decision table tests: #1, #2, #3
org.iets3.core.expr.util.dectree decision tree tests: #1
org.iets3.core.expr.util.multidectab multi-criteria decision table tests: #1
org.iets3.core.expr.util.range ranges

Stateful language constructs (lang-stateful)

This package contains the following parts of KernelF (full paper, reference) including runtime solution and interpreters:

Package Name Description
org.iets3.core.expr.mutable mutable expressions page 9
org.iets3.core.expr.process processes including multi-party-boolean-decisions page 27
org.iets3.core.expr.statemachines state machines page 10


Package Description
org.iets3.core.expr.doc.plugin It implements a custom project view for bookmarks(IBookmark).
org.iets3.core.expr.lambda.plugin It contains refactoring actions for lambda expressions.
org.iets3.core.expr.plugin It contains various actions related to the KernelF language.
org.iets3.core.expr.repl.plugin It contains various actions related to REPL.


The tests are grouped into the playground, test suites and nodes test cases. The language org.iets3.core.expr.testExecution contains a configuration for the test execution mode (generator, interpreter).


This package includes all things related to requirement documents.

Package Description
org.iets3.req.plugin It contains requirement-related actions, projection modes and a custom project view that displays all requirements in the project.
org.iets3.req.glossary This languages allows to define terms in glossaries which can be referenced in requirement documents.
org.iets3.req.req.core This language implements requirements documents. A new document can be created with the root node RequirementsChunk.


This package includes all things related to tracing. More info: page 27 debugger

Package Description
test.iets3.core.tracequery It contains trace tests.
org.iets3.core.trace It implements trace attributes (can be for example used in components).
org.iets3.core.test It is a language for trace testing.


The following devkits are available:

Package Contents
org.iets3.req requirements
org.iets3.core.expr.core.devkit core expressions + interpreters
org.iets3.core.expr.advanced.devkit core expressions + interpreters
org.iets3.core.expr.stateful.devkit stateful expressions + interpreters
org.iets3.core.expr.genjava.core.devkit java generation of core expressions
org.iets3.core.expr.genjava.advanced.devkit java generation of advanced expressions
org.iets3.core.expr.genjava.stateMachineExample.devkit java generation of state machine example
org.iets3.core.expr.genall.core.devkit all core generation devkits
org.iets3.core.expr.genall.advanced.devkit all advanced generation devkits