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Karaf feature for osgi-jax-rs-connector

You can find the sources for the osgi-jax-rs-connector here

This is a 'packaging' of the bundles for easy deployment inside Apache Karaf.

Building and running

Building the project requires Apache Maven:

   mvn clean install

should do the trick.

You will get some files installed in your local Maven repo:

  • a features.xml a list of bundles for Karaf to install
  • jax-rs-sample - a sample jax-rs project used for demo

To make use of the project download the latest [](Apache Karaf). Follow the installation instructions (unpack and run ./bin/karaf ).

In the Karaf shell run the following commands:

    feature:repo-add mvn:com.eclipsesource.jaxrs/features/0.0.1-SNAPSHOT/xml/features
    feature:install scr http
    feature:install jax-rs-connector jax-rs-provider-moxy
    install mvn:com.eclipsesource.jaxrs/jax-rs-sample/0.0.1-SNAPSHOT

The first line adds a features repository to Karaf so we can Karaf knows how to install them.

Line 2 install scr (Declarative Services ) and http (Http Service) features. Our sample bundle exports a service via SCR and we need http for jax-rs connector to work.

Third line installs the jax-rs connector and a provider for JSON marshalling (used in our sample).

The last line installs our sample application that exposes a JAX-RS annotated service via Declarative Serivces.

Once the application is deployed, visit http://localhost:8181/sercices/greeting