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Write tweets from the Twitter streaming API to Hadoop
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This is a tool for streaming statuses from the Twitter firehose into Hadoop. You should be familiar with Twitter's Streaming API before you think about using Twidoop.


  • Statuses are stored as NULL-terminated JSON strings.

  • Statuses are stored in files keyed by day, e.g. statuses-2009-12-25.json. The day is based on local time, not the time in the status.

  • If you stop and restart Twidoop, it will blow away the data collected for that day.

  • The HDFS replica count and block size are fixed. There's one replica and the block size is 16mb. You might want to change this. A block size of 5mb is better for the samplehose, since otherwise it takes too long to get a new block of data.

  • Twidoop only works with Hadoop 0.20.x.


  • Clojure 1.1.x
  • Clojure-contrib
  • Leiningen
  • Hadoop
  • Commons-CLI
  • Commons-Logging
  • Java

Installation (Mac OS X)

Install MacPorts & leiningen:

$ sudo port sync
$ sudo port install leiningen

Installation (Debian)

Install leiningen:

$ mkdir -p ~/.bin
$ echo 'export PATH=~/.bin:$PATH' >> ~/.profile
$ . ~/.profile
$ curl > ~/.bin/lein
$ chmod +x ~/.bin/lein
$ lein self-install


Compile it:

$ lein jar

There's --help, which should be self-explanatory:

$ ./twidoop --help
twidoop -- Stream the Twitter firehose into Hadoop.
  --output, -o <arg>      Output here on HDFS                              [default /firehose]
  --hdfs <arg>            HDFS to connect to                               [default hdfs://localhost:9000]
  --block-size, -b <arg>  HDFS block size (in megabytes)                   [default 16]
  --replicas, -r <arg>    HDFS replica count                               [default 1]
  --type, -t <arg>        Type of stream to read from: sample or firehose  [default sample]
  --user, -u <arg>        Twitter username
  --pass, -p <arg>        Twitter password


Stream the samplehose (available to any registered Twitter user) into HDFS on localhost:

$ ./twidoop -u twitter_user -p twitter_pass --hdfs hdfs://localhost:9000

Stream the firehose into "/user/ieure/firehose" on a HDFS cluster::

$ ./twidoop -u twitter_user -p twitter_pass -t firehose -o /user/ieure/firehose -h hdfs://hadoop.internal:9000


Twidoop is licensed under the three-clause BSD liense. See LICENSE for the complete licensing terms.

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