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Major mode for managing AWS
Emacs Lisp
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AWS mode is a major mode for managing Amazon Web Services. It wraps many of the command-line utilities provided by Amazon to manage their services.

What’s supported?

AWS has many services and tools, not all of which are currently supported.

  • Listing EC2 instances, groups, EBS volumes and EBS snapshots.
  • Logging into EC2 instances with SSH.
  • Displaying an instance’s console output.
  • Filtering lists based on various criteria:
    • Instance security groups.
    • Volume attachment status.
    • Snapshot completion status.

What’s not supported?

Lots. Launching and terminating instances and volumes, creating and deleting snapshots and volumes, managing groups. No support for ELB or RDS. Probably lots more.

How do I use it?

Place aws.el in your load-path, then add this somewhere in your .emacs:

(autoload 'ec2-describe-instances "aws")
(autoload 'ec2-describe-volumes "aws")
(autoload 'ec2-describe-snapshots "aws")
(autoload 'ec2-describe-groups "aws")
(autoload 'ec2-get-console "aws")

At this point, you can hit M-x ec2-describe-instances RET, enter an EC2 region, and get a list of instances in that region.

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