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Mouse Follows Focus for EXWM
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Mouse Follows Focus

Many mouse-centric window managers offer a “focus follows mouse” mode, where any window the pointer enters receives focus automatically, without clicking to select it.

With Emacs’ keyboard-centric interaction, windows typically aren’t selected with the mouse. If you subsequently need to interact with the X client using a pointing device, it can be frustrating to find the last place you left it.

The appropriate model is the inverse of focus follows mouse, where the pointer is moved to the selected window when it becomes active: mouse follows focus. Which is what this does.

EXWM-MFF-MODE is a global minor mode which places the pointer in the center of the selected Emacs window when focus changes. It works for both regular Emacs windows and ones managed by EXWM.

If you don’t like the automatic behavior, you can bind EXWM-MFF-SUMMON which allows you to summon the pointer with a hotkey.

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