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Commits on Aug 7, 2009
Commits on Jul 28, 2009
Commits on Jul 15, 2009
  1. Merge commit 'jweigley/master'

Commits on Jun 27, 2009
Commits on Jun 21, 2009
  1. @mvollmer
  2. @mvollmer

    Fix display of unmerged paths.

    mvollmer committed
    * magit.el (magit-wash-diff-section): Pick out 'file' from match data.
Commits on Jun 8, 2009
  1. @mvollmer

    Hide status diffs by default again.

    mvollmer committed
    * magit.el (magit-wash-diff): By binding magit-section-hidden-default
    appropriately here...
    (magit-wash-numstat-diff): ...and here.
Commits on Jun 7, 2009
  1. @mvollmer

    Don't include git-svn branches in the 'interesting branches'.

    mvollmer committed
    * magit.el (magit-list-interesting-refs): Here.
  2. @mvollmer

    Make magit-ref-exists-p work.

    mvollmer committed
    * magit.el (magit-ref-exists-p): Use correct invocation and turn exit
    code into a boolean.  (Saturday night hacking sessions are not my
    forte.  Sundays on the other hand...)
  3. @mvollmer


    mvollmer committed
  4. @mvollmer

    Directly look for git-svn ref name, don't use magit-list-interesting-…

    mvollmer committed
    * magit.el (magit-get-svn-ref): Here, by using magit-ref-exists-p.
  5. @mvollmer

    Only discard staged diffs for files that don't have unstaged changes.

    mvollmer committed
    The unstaged changes will be discarded, too, which might be unexpected.
    * magit.el (magit-discard-item): Here.
  6. @mvollmer

    Don't allow slashes in remote nicknames.

    mvollmer committed
    * magit.el (magit-list-interesting-refs): Here.
    (magit-maybe-create-local-tracking-branch): And here.
  7. @purcell @mvollmer

    Fix display of unpushed/unpulled git-svn patches

    purcell committed with mvollmer
    git-svn remotes are listed by "git show-ref" in a pattern that magit-list-interesting-refs did
    not support, e.g. "refs/remotes/git-svn".
  8. @mvollmer

    It' magit-wash-diff-section, not magit-wash-section-diff...

    mvollmer committed
    * magit.el (magit-wash-diff): Here.
Commits on Jun 6, 2009
  1. @mvollmer

    Don't use make-variable-buffer-local during mode setup.

    mvollmer committed
    * magit.el (magit-mode): Use make-local-variable instead.
  2. @mvollmer

    Delay inserting and washing of big diffs.

    mvollmer committed
    * magit.el (magit-set-section-needs-refresh-on-show): New.
    (magit-section-set-hidden): Call magit-refresh when a
    'needs-refresh-on-show' section is shown.
    (magit-show-level): Wrap it in magit-with-refresh.
    (magit-wash-diff, magit-wash-diff-section): Factored washing and
    section construction into seperate functions.
    (magit-insert-diff, magit-wash-numstat-diffs,
    magit-wash-numstat-diff): New.  Use magit-insert-diff for visible
    sections or for small changes.
    (magit-insert-unstaged-changes): Use a numstat diff instead of a full diff.
    (magit-insert-staged-changes): Likewise.
  3. @mvollmer

    README updates.

    mvollmer committed
  4. @mvollmer

    Be robust against the *magit-process* buffer getting killed.

    mvollmer committed
    * magit.el (magit-run*): Only consider Git to be running when
    the *magit-process* buffer still exists.
  5. @mvollmer

    Make discarding staged diffs work.

    mvollmer committed
    * magit.el (magit-discard-diff): Added stagedp parameter and checkout
    from HEAD if it is true.
    (magit-discard-item): Use it.
  6. @mvollmer

    Don't mess with the global value of line-move-visual.

    mvollmer committed
    * magit.el (magit-mode): Make line-move-visual buffer local before
    setting it.  Thanks Leo!
  7. @mbachry @mvollmer

    Explicitly disallow rewriting history from the first commit.

    mbachry committed with mvollmer
    * magit.el (magit-rewrite-start): Use magit-commit-parents to find
    base commit for rewrite and signal error if there isn't any.
  8. @mbachry @mvollmer

    Fix shell escaping.

    mbachry committed with mvollmer
    * magit.el (magit-escape-for-shell): use literal argument to
    replace-regexp-in-string function.
  9. @mvollmer
  10. @mvollmer

    Allow overriding of magit-commit-signoff per commit.

    mvollmer committed
    Signed-off-by: Marius Vollmer <>
  11. @mvollmer

    Document changes.

    mvollmer committed
  12. @mvollmer

    Don't use refs/heads/ prefix when checking out branches.

    mvollmer committed
    * magit.el (magit-list-interesting-refs): Here.
  13. @mvollmer

    Offer to create tracking branches when switching to a remote branch.

    mvollmer committed
    * magit.el (magit-ref-exists-p): New.
    (magit-maybe-create-localtracking-branch): New.
    (magit-checkout): Use it.
  14. @mvollmer

    Use git show-ref to find interesting refs.

    mvollmer committed
    * magit.el (magit-list-interesting-refs): Use "git show-ref" instead
    of trying to parse output of "git branch".  Return alist with name /
    ref pairs.
    (magit-read-rev, magit-get-svn-branch-name): Updated.
    (magit-refresh-wazzup-buffer): Use magit-list-interesting-refs instead
    of parsing "git branch" output.
  15. @mvollmer

    We are interested in refs not revs.

    mvollmer committed
    * magit.el (magit-list-interesting-refs): Renamed from
    magit-list-interesting-revisions.  Updated all callers.
Commits on Mar 22, 2009
  1. @mvollmer

    Merge commit 'jwiegley/master'

    mvollmer committed
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