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import warnings
import os, sys
from twisted.python.procutils import which
def find_exe(exename):
Look for something named exename or exename + ".py".
This is a kludge.
@return: a list containing one element which is the path to the exename
(if it is thought to be executable), or else the first element being
sys.executable and the second element being the path to the
exename + ".py", or else return False if one can't be found
warnings.warn("deprecated", DeprecationWarning)
exes = which(exename)
exe = exes and exes[0]
if not exe:
exe = os.path.join(sys.prefix, 'scripts', exename + '.py')
if os.path.exists(exe):
path, ext = os.path.splitext(exe)
if ext.lower() in [".exe", ".bat",]:
cmd = [exe,]
cmd = [sys.executable, exe,]
return cmd
return False