Major mode for editing Fluke TL/1 source code
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TL/1 Mode for Emacs

This is a major mode for editing Fluke TL/1 source code. TL/1 was a language used to control Fluke’s 9100 series of testing & troubleshooting mainframes.

I wrote this because I like having syntax highlighting and automatic indentation, which are feaures the 9100’s built-in editor lacks.

Please report any issues with the GitHub issue tracker.


This isn’t in ELPA. Clone the repo, open tl1-mode.el in Emacs, and execute:

M-x package-install-from-buffer

ElDoc support

As of version 0.8, TL/1 Mode supports using ElDoc to provide contextual help. You can enable it by adding the following line to your Emacs init files:

(add-hook 'tl1-mode-hook #'tl1-mode-eldoc-enable)

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