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;;; Twit.el --- interface with
(defvar twit-version-number "0.1.1")
;; Copyright (c) 2007 Theron Tlax
;; (c) 2008-2009 Jonathan Arkell
;; Time-stamp: <2007-03-19 18:33:17 thorne>
;; Author: thorne <>, jonnay <>
;; Created: 2007.3.16
;; Keywords: comm
;; Favorite Poet: E. E. Cummings
;; This file is not part of GNU Emacs.
;; This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
;; modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
;; published by the Free Software Foundation version 2.
;; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
;; WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; General Public License for more details.
;; For a copy of the GNU General Public License, search the Internet,
;; or write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place,
;; Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA
;;; Commentary:
;; This is the beginnings of a library for interfacing with
;; from Emacs. It is also (more importantly) some
;; interactive functions that use that library. It's a hack, of
;; course; RMS i am not. Maybe one of you real programmers would
;; like to clean it up?
;; -- Theron Tlax
;; Okay! ;)
;; -- JonathanArkell
;; Twit.el is rapidly maturing library. Currently it handles your
;; friends timeline, direct messagse (sending and receiving) and
;; even searches.
;; You can use the function `twit-post' to send a tweet. Heck
;; I'd appreciate knowing who uses twit.el so go ahead and tweet
;; something to that effect!
;; You can use the function `twit-follow-recent-tweets' to have
;; twit.el constantly check updates, and write them in a buffer.
;; alternatly, you can just use `twit-show-recent-tweets'
;; to just show you the last 15 tweets. In this timeline view
;; type ? to show you a list of commands you can use.
;; For searches, you an use `twit-search' to run a general search.
;; The search will remember the terms you used, so you can use
;; tab completion when promped. Also, you can customize the
;; variable `twit-completing-searches' to store your common
;; searches for later. The command `twit-search-at-to-me' to do
;; a @<username> search. The search functions were just recently
;; added, and their output will be improved soon.
;; For direct messages you can use `twit-show-direct-tweets' to
;; get your direct messages, and `twit-direct' to send them.
;; If you want, you can display images on the timeline as well,
;; customize the variable `twit-show-user-images', and set it to
;; true. When you do that, you'll also get tab completion on
;; the twit direct function.
;; Both `twit-show-direct-tweets' and `twit-show-recent-tweets'
;; can accept numeric prefix commands. With a numeric prefix,
;; they will skip to that page. So:
;; C-u 2 M-x twit-show-recent-tweets
;; will take you to the next page of recent tweets (older ones)
;; This uses Twitter's XML-based api, not the JSON one because i
;; would like to avoid making the user install third-party libraries
;; to use it.
;; Even though twit.el uses Basic Authentication, it also uses HTTPS
;; to connect to twitter (for all auth based services anyway). So
;; security problems are dealt with.
;;; Notes:
;; `twit-user' gets my vote for variable name of the year. Ditto
;; `twit-mode' for mode names.
;; `twit.el' is pronounced twit-el. When said fast, it should
;; sound like "tiddle"
;;; Hacking:
;; Feel free to hack on this if you like, and post it back to
;; the emacswiki. Just be sure to increment the version number
;; and write a change to the change log.
;; From versions 0.1.0 onwards, versions are incremented like so:
;; <major>.<minor>.<bugfix/feature>
;; Major versions are only incremented when a release is considered
;; truely stable (i.e. no memory leaks) and doesn't have any bugs.
;; Minor version increments happen when there are significant changes
;; to the file (like changing twit-post-function to twit-post-status)
;; bugfix/feature releases are incremented when new features are added
;; or bugs are fixed, that have little impact.
;;; Testing:
;; Best way to test it in default mode:
;; emacs --no-site-file --no-init-file
;; In scratch buffer:
;;; History:
;; Originally by theron tlax <> 2007-3-16
;; * 0.0.1 -- Initial release. Posting only. (TT)
;; * 0.0.2 -- Near-total rewrite; better documentation; use standard
;; Emacs xml and url packages; minor mode; a little
;; abstraction; some stubs for the reading functions. (TT)
;; * 0.0.3 -- Doc and other minor changes. (TT)
;; * 0.0.4 -- (released as 0.0.3 -- Added twit-show-recent-tweets
;; by Jonathan Arkell)
;; * 0.0.5 -- Add source parameter to posts (TT)
;; * 0.0.6 -- Re-working twit-show-recent-tweets to show more info
;; (and to get it working for me) -- by H Durer
;; * 0.0.7 -- Keymaps in the buffers for twit-show-recent-tweets and
;; twit-list-followers; encode the post argument so that it
;; is a valid post request (TT)
;; * 0.0.8 -- faces/overlays to make the *Twit-recent* buffer look
;; prettier and more readable (at least for me) -- by H Durer
;; * 0.0.9 -- follow-recent-tweets function created so automagickally
;; follow tweets every 5 mins. Also removed twit-mode
;; on twit-show-recent-tweets. (it was setting twit-mode
;; globally, and interfering with planner) (JA)
;; * 0.0.10 - There is a hook that is run when a new tweet is seen.
;; This can be used to interface with the todochiku package
;; to send a notification that there is a new tweet.
;; (or anything else for that matter)
;; Twit-user and Twit-pass are now customizeable variables
;; that work. Finally, no more constant re-entry of your
;; username and password. (JA)
;; * 0.0.11 - Updated to set a customization for the
;; follow-recent-tweets idle timer. This is so that you
;; wont get throttled when twitter changes their throttle
;; time (JA)
;; * 0.0.12 - Changed syncronous url call to an ascynronous one that
;; doesn't suck, and polls properly.
;; You can finally stop following recent tweets. (Rev 22) (JA)
;; * 0.0.13 - Fixed twit-debug to be a customizeable variable. Duh.
;; Image handling is on the way. (done, just buggy)
;; Better face definitions, now customizeable.
;; Zebra-tabling of the recent tweets is half there.
;; Retrieval of the rate-limiting is working. (Rev 23) (JA)
;; * 0.0.14 - Finished zebra-table for recent tweets. (uses overlays)
;; Fix for a really crazy bug in carbon emacs. (thanks gr3p3)
;; Tweaked default fonts to not suck, added more faces.
;; If showing recent tweets fails, the buffer is no longer
;; set to blank. (JA)
;; * 0.0.15 - Fixed the automatic rate-limiting on 400 messages from
;; twitter to work.
;; Updated rate limiting to use the new format
;; More messages are handed off to todochiku
;; Most rate limiting (except the initial follow) is done
;; Asyncronously.
;; Verified that twit-list-followers works.
;; URLs now are fontified and hot.
;; Maybe (maybe?) fixed the bug where following tweets
;; kills the mark, and dumps the point at the bottom. (JA)
;; * 0.0.16 - Fixed most compilation warnings. (PeterJones)
;; * 0.0.17 - Fixed a bug where a users username/password pair is
;; not properly updated through customization. It's not
;; 100%, but it should be much better now. (JA)
;; twit-show-recent-tweets doesn't change focus. (thanks Ben Atkin)
;; * 0.0.18 - Fixed a bug where xml entities were not converted while
;; tweet messages (JonathanCreekmore)
;; * 0.0.19 - Fixed a bug where the previous tweets in the *Twit-recent* buffer
;; were saved on the undo list every time new tweets came in. (JonathanCreekmore)
;; * 0.0.20 - Added support for "Reply to" in the twit-post function. (JonathanCreekmore)
;; * 0.0.21 - The rate-limit timer is cancelled as well as the main
;; timer.
;; Regexp filtering of tweets. (JonathanArkell)
;; * 0.0.22 - Fixed infinite loop problem if you cannot retrieve the rate-limit.
;; Could be the cause of the memory leak.
;; - Added elisp function to return following users as list.
;; - fixed regex problem (JA)
;; * 0.0.23 - made sure that url-retrive is wrapped around a let to shadow
;; url-request-method with GET.
;; - Optional filtering of @ message to people you don't know.
;; - Added Images! Whute! Make sure you check customization options. (JA)
;; * 0.0.24 - Updated image handling to only download and install when images are
;; turned on.
;; - Enabled confirmation of posting tweets
;; - Enabled direct messages. (JA)
;; * 0.0.25 - Updated image handling again so that the local copy of image are used
;; when available.
;; - Now you can view direct tweets! Whute! (JA)
;; * 0.0.26 - You can hit "d" in a list of tweets to direct-message that user.
;; - Documentation improved, especially interactive and customs
;; - Documentation merged.
;; - source code is made more tagging friendly (for free-tagging.el)
;; - zebra table face definition sucks less. Hopefully this will
;; look better for those of you on dark-background screens.
;; - older tweets and direct messages are viewable with prefix
;; arguments. (JA)
;; * 0.1.0 - Finally considered ready for 0.1 primetime! ;)
;; - Super improved error handling when you try to show recent
;; tweets. This should help with peoples install problems.
;; - HTTPS instead of HTTP. Let me know if there are any
;; problems with this, and if I need to have the protocol a
;; settable option.
;; - Searches started. Right now its just the bare minimum of
;; features. More and better searches to come.
;; - Properly Makred my own, and Therons changes in the changelog.
;; - Added macro for displaying tiwtter buffers
;; - commentary, installing, and other documentation improved.
;; * 0.1.1 - Fixed image bug with filename collisions.
;; - Fixed bug with twit-follow-recent-tweets
;;; Bugs:
;; * Follow-recent-tweets might have a serious memory leak. This
;; probably has to do with the temporary buffers that are being created
;; * zebra tables are hosed with filtering
;; * too much Unilinguality. Multi-lingual messages would be ideal.
;; Please report bugs to the twit emacs wiki page at:
;;; Roadmap (todo):
;; v1.0 release
;; - optionally authenticate via open-auth instead of http auth.
;; - Fix memory leak.
;; - Fix zebra tables
;; - fix the mark getting hosed.
;; Post 1.0
;; - make the user images float right. (thanks busytoby)
;; - Make @names a different color, and make them hot, so that hitting return on them will take you
;; to their page
;; - Integrate the other twit.el that is out there. Looks like it might have some serious sexxxy to it.
;;; Code:
(require 'xml)
(require 'url)
(require 'url-http)
(require 'cl))
;;; Variables
(defvar twit-status-mode-map
(let ((map (make-sparse-keymap))
(keys '(("f" . twit-list-followers)
("t" . twit-post)
("d" . twit-direct)
("n" . twit-next-tweet)
("p" . twit-previous-tweet)
("r" . twit-post-reply)
("g" . twit-show-recent-tweets)
("s" . twit-search)
("q" . bury-buffer))))
(mapc (lambda (binding)
(define-key map (car binding) (cdr binding))) keys) map)
"Base map for twit-mode.")
(defvar twit-followers-mode-map
(let ((map (copy-keymap twit-status-mode-map)))
(define-key map "g" 'twit-list-followers)
(define-key map "n" 'next-line)
(define-key map "p" 'previous-line)
"Keymap for twit-followers-mode")
(defvar twit-timer
"Timer object that handles polling the followers")
(defvar twit-rate-limit-timer
"Timer object to poll the rate-limiting.")
(defconst twit-base-search-url "")
(defconst twit-base-url "")
(defconst twit-update-url
(concat twit-base-url "/statuses/update.xml"))
(defconst twit-puplic-timeline-file
(concat twit-base-url "/statuses/public_timeline.xml"))
(defconst twit-friend-timeline-file
(concat twit-base-url "/statuses/friends_timeline.xml?page=%d"))
(defconst twit-user-timeline-file
(concat twit-base-url "/statuses/user_timeline/%s.xml?page=%d"))
(defconst twit-followers-file
(concat twit-base-url "/statuses/followers.xml"))
(defconst twit-friend-list-url
(concat twit-base-url "/statuses/friends.xml"))
(defconst twit-mentions-url
(concat twit-base-url "/statuses/mentions.xml?page=%s"))
(defconst twit-hashtag-regexp
"The regular expression used to match hashtags.")
(defconst twit-mention-regexp
"The regular expression used to match usernames.")
(defconst twit-rate-limit-file
(concat twit-base-url "/account/rate_limit_status.xml"))
(defconst twit-direct-msg-send-url
(concat twit-base-url "/direct_messages/new.xml"))
(defconst twit-direct-msg-get-url
(concat twit-base-url "/direct_messages.xml"))
(defconst twit-search-url
(concat twit-base-search-url "/search.atom?q=%s"))
(defconst twit-post-success-msg
"Post sent!")
(defconst twit-direct-success-msg
"Direct Message sent!")
(defconst twit-post-failed-msg "Your posting has failed.")
(defconst twit-too-long-msg
"Post not sent because length exceeds 140 characters")
(defconst twit-standard-rate-limit 100)
(defconst twit-rate-limit-offset 5
"Number of seconds to add to a throttled rate limit for insurance.")
(defconst twit-rate-limit-interval (* 2 60 60)
"Every 2 Hours check for rate limiting.")
(defconst twit-filter-at-tweets-retweet-regex "\\bRT[ :]*@"
"Retweets are tweets that do contain at messages that might be actually interesting.")
(defconst twit-request-headers `(("X-Twitter-Client" . "twit.el")
("X-Twitter-Client-Version" . ,twit-version-number)
("X-Twitter-Client-URL" . "")))
(define-button-type 'twit-user-button
'face 'twit-author-face)
(define-button-type 'twit-hashtag-button
'face 'link)
;; Cusomtization functions
(defun twit-set-user-pass (sym val)
"Set the username/password pair after a customization.
Note that this function uses a really cheap hack.
Basically the problem is that we need to run this whenever the twit-user
and twit-pass variables are customized and loaded. The problem is, this
funciton is executed by cutomzie on emacs initialization, during the
setting of twit-user, but before the binding to twit-pass, throwing an
We get around this by using condition-case and handling the void-varible
(set-default sym val)
(condition-case nil
(let ((twit-pass-var 'twit-pass))
(when (and (not (string= (symbol-value twit-pass-var) ""))
(not (string= twit-user "")))
(let ((old-storage (assoc "" (symbol-value url-basic-auth-storage))))
(when old-storage
(set url-basic-auth-storage (delete old-storage (symbol-value url-basic-auth-storage)))))
(set url-basic-auth-storage
(cons (list ""
(cons "Twitter API"
(base64-encode-string (format "%s:%s" twit-user (symbol-value twit-pass-var)))))
(symbol-value url-basic-auth-storage)))))
(void-variable nil)))
;; Use this when testing the basic storage engine.
;; Set up for easy space for your C-x C-e execution pleasure.
(when nil
(set url-basic-auth-storage nil)
;; Customizations
(defgroup twit nil
"twit.el is an emacs package for interfacing with Twitter (
a microblogging service. The twit.el package provides you with the ability to post
status updates and driect messages, as well as recieve them. Additionally you can
opt to \"follow\", and the timeline will be updated automagickally.
twit.el also makes use of the Todochiku package, which you can install from here:"
:version "0.1"
:group 'twit)
(defcustom twit-user
"Your twitter username.
If this is set, attempt to automagickally log into twitter."
:group 'twit
:type 'string
:set 'twit-set-user-pass)
(defcustom twit-pass
"Your twitter password.
If this is set, attempt to automagickally log into twitter."
:group 'twit
:type 'string
:set 'twit-set-user-pass)
(defcustom twit-new-tweet-hook
"Functions to execute when there is a new tweet.
If you have Todochiku, add \"twit-todochiku\" here, and you will be notified when a new tweet appears. "
:type 'hook
:group 'twit)
(defcustom twit-follow-idle-interval
"How long in time to wait before checking for new tweets.
Right now it will check every 90 seconds, Which will generate a maximum of 40 requests, leaving you another 30 per hour to play with.
The variable name is a bit of a misnomer, because it is not actually based on idle time (anymore)."
:type 'integer
:group 'twit)
(defvar twit-shadow-follow-idle-interval
"Shadow definition of `twit-follow-idle-interval' that we can modify on the fly.")
(defcustom twit-show-user-images nil
"Show user images beside each users tweet."
:type 'boolean
:group 'twit)
(defcustom twit-user-image-dir
(concat (car image-load-path) "twitter")
"Directory where twitter user images are to be stored.
This directory need not be created."
:type 'string
:group 'twit)
(defcustom twit-debug
"Whether or not to run twit.el in debug mode"
:group 'twit
:type 'boolean)
(defcustom twit-debug-mem
"Turn on memory debugging."
:group 'twit
:type 'boolean)
(defcustom twit-filter-tweets-regex ""
"Filter all tweets with this regex.
This is useful if you do not want to see a particular style of tweet.
For isntance, if hash-tagging pisses you off, you could set this to \"#\" and
no hash-tagging messages would get to you.
:type 'regexp
:group 'twit)
(defcustom twit-filter-at-tweets nil
"Whether or not to filter any tweets that have @user of a user you do not know.
If enabled, every tweet will be scanned for any @msgs. If they contain one, and
the username is not a user that you are following (or you) then it will be ignored."
:type 'boolean
:group 'twit)
(defcustom twit-completing-searches nil
"A list of searches you perform over and over again.
This is so that you can use the completion interface for when you want to run a
:type '(repeat string)
:group 'twit)
;; Faces
(defface twit-message-face
:family "helv"
:height 1.1))
"The font face to use for a twitter message."
:group 'twit)
(defface twit-author-face
(:height 0.8
:weight bold
:family "mono")))
"The font face to use for the authors name"
:group 'twit)
(defface twit-info-face
'((t (:height 0.8 :slant italic)))
"Face for displaying where, how and when someone tweeted."
:group 'twit)
(defface twit-title-face
'((((class color) (background light))
(:background "PowderBlue" :underline "DeepSkyBlue"))
(((class color) (background dark))
(:background "PowderBlue" :underline "DeepSkyBlue" :foreground "Black"))
(t (:underline "white")))
"Title Area of the recent tweets buffer."
:group 'twit)
(defface twit-zebra-1-face
'((((class color) (background light))
(:background "gray89"))
(((class color) (background dark))
(:background "grey15"))
(t (:inverse)))
"Color one of zebra-striping of recent tweets and followers list."
:group 'twit)
(defface twit-zebra-2-face
'((((class color) (background light))
(:background "AliceBlue" :inverse))
(((class color) (background dark))
(:background "MidnightBlue")))
"Color two of zebra-striping of recent tweets and followers list."
:group 'twit)
(defface twit-error-face
'((((class color))
(:family "mono"
:background "FireBrick" :foreground "Black"))
(t (:inverse)))
"Color of twit.el errors."
:group 'twit)
(defface twit-fail-whale-face
'((((class color))
(:family "mono"
:weight bold
:height 4.0
:box (:line-width 10 :color "SteelBlue3" :style 0)
:background "SteelBlue3" :foreground "SteelBlue4"))
(t (:inverse)))
:group 'twit)
(defmacro with-twitter-buffer (buffer-name &rest forms)
"Create a twitter buffer with name BUFFER-NAME, and execute FORMS."
`(let ((b (get-buffer-create ,buffer-name)))
(display-buffer b)
(with-current-buffer b
(toggle-read-only 0)
(toggle-read-only 1)
(use-local-map twit-status-mode-map))))
;; Internal Library Functions
;;* helper
(defun twit-alert (msg &optional title)
"Send some kind of alert to the user.
If todochiku is available, use that. Instead, just message the user."
(when (null title) (setq title "twit.el"))
(when (featurep 'todochiku)
(todochiku-message title msg (todochiku-icon 'social)))
(message "%s: %s" title msg))
;;; General purpose library to wrap's api
;;* xmlparse refactorme
(defun twit-parse-xml (url method)
"Retrieve file at URL and parse with `xml-parse-fragment'.
Emacs' url package will prompt for authentication info if required.
Note that this parses the entire HTTP request as an xml fragment
and not the response. THIS BEHAVIOR IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE!"
(let ((result nil)
(url-request-method method)
(url-show-status nil))
(set-buffer (url-retrieve-synchronously url))
(goto-char (point-min))
(setq result (xml-parse-fragment))
(kill-buffer (current-buffer)))
;;* xmlparse header
(defun twit-parse-header (header-frag)
"Parse the header fragment, and come back with some status codes.
This returns the HTTP status (for now) as a list of three elements.
(HTTP/Version code Description)
The header fragment should be the first text node from the parsed
The header fragment is actually quite important, it will tell us
if we have run into some kind of condition where we cannot
display tweets or other information. This will ease the fresh-install
pain where uesrs can't see why they have blank timelines."
"Header format: (or part we care about)" "HTTP/1.0 <status> <status text>\n"
(string-match "HTTP/\\([0-9]+\\.[0-9]+\\) \\([1-5][0-9][0-9]\\) \\(.*\\)$" header-frag)
(if (match-string 3 header-frag)
(list (match-string 1 header-frag)
(match-string 2 header-frag)
(match-string 3 header-frag))
(error "Malformed Header sent to twit-parse-header. Header: %s" header-frag)))
;;* header helper
(defun twit-header-error-p (header)
"Let us know if the header is an error or not. Null headers are errors."
(and (not (null header))
(< 400 (string-to-number (cadr header)))))
;;* header display
(defun twit-get-header-error (header)
"Given a parsed header from `twit-parse-header', return human readable error."
(if (null header)
"Null header, probably an error with twit.el."
(case (string-to-number (cadr header))
((200) "Everything is A OK!")
((304) "Nothing Changed.")
((400) "Bad Request. (probably rate limited)")
((401) "Not Authorized. You need to log in, or your login/password is incorrect.")
((403) "You are FORBIDDEN")
((404) "Not Found. 404'ed!")
((406) "Something is bropken with twit.el's search!")
((500) "Something is horribly broken with twit.el, or even Twitter!")
((502) "Twitter is down. FAIL WHALE!")
((503) "Rate limited on search."))))
;;* header test
(when nil
(twit-parse-header "HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized\nThis is a header\n")
(twit-header-error-p (twit-parse-header "HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized\nThis is a header\n"))
(twit-get-header-error (twit-parse-header "HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized\nThis is a header\n"))
;;* header display
(defun twit-display-error (xml)
"Given an xml fragment that contains an error, lets display that to the user."
(let ((header (twit-parse-header (car xml))))
(when (twit-header-error-p header)
'((face "twit-fail-whale-face")))
(concat " HTTP ERROR! "
"(" (cadr header) ") "
(caddr header) "\n\n"
" "(twit-get-header-error header) "\n\n"
" The response from twitter was: "
(format "%s" (xml-first-childs-value (cadr xml) 'error))
'((face "twit-error-face"))))))
;;* xmlparse var
(defvar twit-async-buffer 'nil
"Buffer that stores the temporary XML result for tiwt.el")
;;* xmlparse async
(defun twit-parse-xml-async (url callback)
"Retrieve the resource at URL, and when retrieved call callback
This is the asyncronous version of twit-parse-xml. Once that function is
refactored, and its named changed, so should this one."
(let ((url-request-method "GET")
(url-show-status nil))
(setq twit-async-buffer (url-retrieve url 'twit-parse-xml-async-retrieve (list url callback)))))
;;* rate-limit var
(defvar twit-rate-limit-halt-flag 'nil "Rate Limit flag
This is a flag to make sure we don't try and get the rate limit, if
there is an error with retrieving the rate limiter. it is meant to
be used dynamically (i.e. inside of a (let (())) statement. )")
;;* xmlparse async
(defun twit-parse-xml-async-retrieve (status url callback)
(if (null status) ; no news is good news.
(let ((result nil))
(if (bufferp twit-async-buffer)
(set-buffer twit-async-buffer)
(goto-char (point-min))
(setq result (xml-parse-fragment))
(kill-buffer (current-buffer))))
(funcall callback status url result))
(twit-alert (format "Cannot retrieve twit URL. Status is: %S" status))
(when (equal status '(:error (error http 400)))
(if (null twit-rate-limit-halt-flag)
(error "URL retrieval error when trying to get rate limiter. twit-rate-limit-halt-flag is true!"))))))
;;* post handler
(defun twit-handle-post (err success-msg error-msg)
"General method to hande a twit posting.
This will give us a Guarantee that our posting atually did work."
((null err) (twit-alert success-msg))
(t (twit-alert error-msg)
(message "Post HTTP error was: %s" err)
(if twit-debug (message ("%s" buffer-string)))))
(kill-buffer (current-buffer)))
;;* post status
(defun twit-post-function (url post &optional reply-id)
(let* ((url-request-method "POST")
(url-show-status nil)
(url-request-data (format "source=twit.el&status=%s"
(url-hexify-string post)))
(url-request-data (concat url-request-data
(if reply-id
(format "&in_reply_to_status_id=%d"
;; these headers don't actually do anything (yet?) -- the
;; source parameter above is what counts
(url-request-extra-headers twit-request-headers))
(if twit-debug (twit-alert url-request-data))
(url-retrieve url 'twit-handle-post (list twit-post-success-msg twit-post-failed-msg))))
;;* post direct
(defun twit-direct-message (user msg)
(let ((url-request-method "POST")
(url-show-status nil)
(url-request-data (concat "source=twit.el"
"&user=" (url-hexify-string user)
"&text=" (url-hexify-string msg)))
(url-request-headers twit-request-headers))
(if twit-debug (twit-alert url-request-data))
(url-retrieve twit-direct-msg-send-url 'twit-handle-post (list twit-direct-success-msg twit-post-failed-msg))))
;;* rate
(defun twit-parse-rate-limit (xml)
"Parse the rate limit file, and return the hourly limit. XML should be the twitter ratelimit sxml.
XML should not have any HTTP header information in its car."
(let ((limit (assoc 'hourly-limit xml)))
(if twit-debug (message "Parsed limit %s from xml %s" limit xml))
(if limit
(string-to-number (caddr limit)))))
;;* rate
(defun twit-get-rate-limit ()
"Returns the rate limit as a number from the xml."
(let ((limit-xml (twit-parse-xml twit-rate-limit-file "GET")))
(twit-parse-rate-limit (cadr limit-xml))))
;; rate async
(defun twit-get-and-set-async-rate-limit ()
"Check rate limiting asyncronously, and automagickally set it."
(twit-parse-xml-async twit-rate-limit-file 'twit-get-and-set-async-rate-limit-callback))
;; rate async
(defun twit-get-and-set-async-rate-limit-callback (status url result)
"callback for twit-get-and-set-async-rate-limit"
(if (null status)
(if twit-debug (message "Rate Limit XML is %S" result))
(twit-verify-and-set-rate-limit (twit-parse-rate-limit (cadr result)))
(twit-alert (format "Cannot retrieve rate limit URL %S! Status: %S" url status))))
;;; Helpers for the interactive functions
(defun twit-query-for-post (prompt-heading initial-input)
"Query for a post text in the minibuffer."
(read-string (concat prompt-heading " (140 char max): ") initial-input))
;;* last-tweet
(defvar twit-last-tweet '()
"The last tweet that was posted.
This is a bit of an ugly hack to store the last tweet that was shown through twit-write-recent-tweets.
It's an associative list in the format:
;;* xmlparse
(when (not (functionp 'xml-first-child))
(defun xml-first-child (node attr)
"Return the first child of some sxml"
(car (xml-get-children node attr))))
;;* xmlparse
(when (not (functionp 'xml-first-childs-value))
(defun xml-first-childs-value (node addr)
"Return the value of the first child of some sxml. "
(car (xml-node-children (xml-first-child node addr)))))
(defun twit-next-tweet (&optional arg)
"Move forward to the next tweet.
With argument ARG, move to the ARGth next tweet."
(interactive "p")
(mapc (lambda (n)
(goto-char (next-single-property-change (point) 'tweet-id nil
(number-sequence 1 (or arg 1))))
(defun twit-previous-tweet (&optional arg)
"Move backward to the previous tweet.
With argument ARG, move to the ARGth previous tweet."
(interactive "p")
(mapc (lambda (n)
(goto-char (previous-single-property-change (point) 'tweet-id nil
(number-sequence 1 (or arg 1))))
;;; xml parsing is a little hacky and needs work.
;;* tweets write memoryleak last-tweet
(defun twit-write-recent-tweets (xml-data)
(delete-region (point-min) (point-max))
(twit-insert (format-time-string "Last updated: %c\n")
'((face . "twit-title-face")))
(if (twit-header-error-p (twit-parse-header (car xml-data)))
(twit-display-error xml-data)
(let* ((first-tweet (xml-first-child (cadr xml-data) 'status))
`((id . ,(string-to-int (xml-first-childs-value first-tweet 'id)))
(created_at . ,(xml-first-childs-value first-tweet 'created_at))
(user ,(or (xml-first-childs-value
(xml-first-child first-tweet 'user)
'screen_name) "??"))
(text ,(xml-substitute-special
(xml-first-childs-value first-tweet 'text)))))
(times-through 1))
(dolist (status-node (xml-get-children (cadr xml-data) 'status))
(twit-write-tweet status-node nil (incf times-through)))
(when (not (equal most-recent-tweet twit-last-tweet))
(setq twit-last-tweet most-recent-tweet)
(run-hooks 'twit-new-tweet-hook))))
;; go back to top so we see the latest messages
(goto-char (point-min))
;; this needs more TLC
(if twit-debug-mem (message (garbage-collect))))
;;* tweet direct write image
(defun twit-write-tweet (tweet &optional filter-tweets times-through)
"Inserts a tweet into the current buffer.
`tweet' should be an xml parsed node, which could be a message node or a status node.
`filter-tweets' is an optional boolean to disregard filtering.
`times-through' is an integer representing the number of times a tweet has been
displayed, for zebra-tabling."
(let* ((user-info (or (xml-first-child tweet 'user) (xml-first-child tweet 'sender)))
(user-id (or (xml-first-childs-value user-info 'screen_name) "??"))
(user-name (xml-first-childs-value user-info 'name))
(location (xml-first-childs-value user-info 'location))
(user-img (if twit-show-user-images
(twit-get-user-image (xml-first-childs-value user-info 'profile_image_url) user-id)
(timestamp (xml-first-childs-value tweet 'created_at))
(message (xml-substitute-special (xml-first-childs-value tweet 'text)))
(src-info (xml-first-childs-value tweet 'source))
(tweet-id (string-to-number (xml-first-childs-value tweet 'id)))
(overlay-start 0)
(overlay-end 0))
(when (and (or (string-equal "" twit-filter-tweets-regex)
(null twit-filter-tweets-regex)
(null filter-tweets)
(not (string-match twit-filter-tweets-regex message)))
(or (not twit-filter-at-tweets)
(not (string-match "@" message))
(string-match twit-filter-at-tweets-retweet-regex message)
(and twit-filter-at-tweets
(twit-at-message-was-from-friend message))))
(when (and src-info (string-match (concat "<a h" "ref=\"\\(.*\\)\">\\(.*\\)<" "/a>") ; the string-match is a bit weird, as won't accept pages with the href in it per se
;; remove the HTML link info; leave just the name (for now)
(setq src-info (match-string 2 src-info)))
(setq overlay-start (point))
(when (and twit-show-user-images user-img)
(insert " ")
(insert-image user-img)
(insert " "))
(twit-insert-user user-id user-name)
(insert "\n"))
(twit-insert message '((face . "twit-message-face")) " ")
(insert "\n")
(when (or timestamp location src-info)
(concat (when timestamp (concat " posted " timestamp))
(when location (concat " from " location))
(when src-info (concat " (via " src-info ")"))
'((face . "twit-info-face")) "" 'right))
(setq overlay-end (point))
(set-text-properties overlay-start overlay-end
(list 'tweet-id tweet-id
'user-id user-id))
(let ((o (make-overlay overlay-start overlay-end)))
(overlay-put o 'face (if (= 0 (% times-through 2))
;;* search write
(defun twit-write-search (atom-data)
"This function writes atom-based search data."
(delete-region (point-min) (point-max))
(twit-display-error atom-data)
(twit-insert (format "Search: %s \n" (xml-first-childs-value (cadr atom-data) 'title))
'((face . "twit-title-face")))
(dolist (entry-node (xml-get-children (cadr atom-data) 'entry))
(let* ((message (xml-first-childs-value entry-node 'title))
(user (xml-first-childs-value (xml-first-child entry-node 'author) 'name))
(user-img (xml-get-attribute (xml-first-child entry-node 'link) 'href)))
(insert (format "%30s: %s\n" user message)))))
;;* image
(defvar twit-user-image-list 'nil
"List containing all user images")
;;* image
(setq twit-user-image-list 'nil)
;;* image todo
; This should check to see if the url is stored locally, and if so, don't retrieve
(defun twit-get-user-image (url user-id)
"Retrieve the user image from the list, or from the URL"
(let ((img (assoc url twit-user-image-list))
(url-show-status nil))
(if (and img (not (bufferp (cdr img))))
(cdr (assoc url twit-user-image-list))
(if (file-exists-p (concat twit-user-image-dir "/" user-id "-" (file-name-nondirectory url)))
(let ((img (create-image (concat twit-user-image-dir "/" user-id "-" (file-name-nondirectory url)))))
(add-to-list 'twit-user-image-list (cons url img))
(let ((url-buffer (url-retrieve url 'twit-write-user-image (list url user-id))))
(if url-buffer
(add-to-list 'twit-user-image-list (cons url url-buffer))
(if twit-debug (message "Added image. List is %s" twit-user-image-list)))
(twit-alert (format "Warning, couldn't load %s " url)))
;;* image todo
(defun twit-write-user-image (status url user-id)
"Called by twit-get-user-image, this performs the actual writing of the status url."
(let ((image-file-name (concat twit-user-image-dir "/" user-id "-" (file-name-nondirectory url))))
(when (not (file-directory-p twit-user-image-dir))
(make-directory twit-user-image-dir))
(setq buffer-file-coding-system 'no-conversion)
(setq buffer-file-name image-file-name)
(goto-char (point-min))
(delete-region (point-min) (search-forward "\C-j\C-j"))
(delete (cons url (current-buffer)) twit-user-image-list)
(kill-buffer (current-buffer))
(add-to-list 'twit-user-image-list (cons url (create-image image-file-name)))))
;; Recent tweets timer funciton and callback
;;* recent timer
(defun twit-follow-recent-tweets-timer-function ()
"Timer function for recent tweets, called via a timer"
(twit-parse-xml-async (format twit-friend-timeline-file 1) 'twit-follow-recent-tweets-async-callback))
;;* recent async
(defun twit-follow-recent-tweets-async-callback (status url xml)
(when (not status)
(set-buffer (get-buffer-create "*Twit-recent*"))
(toggle-read-only 0)
(twit-write-recent-tweets xml)
(toggle-read-only 1))))
;;* rate
(defvar twit-last-rate-limit
"What is the previous rate limit?")
;;* rate
(defun twit-verify-and-set-rate-limit (limit)
"Check if limiting is in effect, and if so, set the timer."
(let ((limit-reset nil)
(twit-rate-limit-halt-flag 't))
(if twit-debug (message "Rate limit is %s, doing ratelimit magic." limit))
(when (and limit
(not (= limit 0))
(not (= twit-last-rate-limit limit)))
(cond ((< limit twit-standard-rate-limit)
(setq twit-shadow-follow-idle-interval (+ (/ (* 60 60) limit)
(setq limit-reset 't)
(twit-alert (format "Twitter is under a rate limit. Timer set to %s seconds." twit-shadow-follow-idle-interval))))
((= limit twit-standard-rate-limit)
(setq twit-shadow-follow-idle-interval twit-follow-idle-interval)
(setq limit-reset 't)
(twit-alert (format "Rate limiting relaxed. Timer set to normal timeout (%s seconds)" twit-shadow-follow-idle-interval))))
(t ; exceptional case...
(setq twit-shadow-follow-idle-interval twit-follow-idle-interval)
(setq limit-reset 't)
(twit-alert (format "The twitter rate has exceeded its expected maximum. This is weird."))))))
(when (and limit-reset (timerp twit-timer))
(if twit-debug (message "Cancelling and restarting timer."))
(cancel-timer 'twit-timer)
(setq twit-last-rate-limit limit)))
;;* friends
(defun twit-get-friends ()
"Get a list of friends."
(loop for screen_name in
(loop for user in
(xml-get-children (cadr (twit-parse-xml twit-friend-list-url "GET"))
collect (eighth user))
collect (third screen_name))))
;;* friends at-filter var
(defvar twit-at-friends-cache 'nil
"A cached list of the people who you are following, with a @ in front of their name."
(setq twit-at-friends-cache 'nil) ; provided here so it cacn be eval-ed to reload friends cache.
;;* friends at-filter
(defun twit-at-message-was-from-friend (tweet)
"Tell us if the text in the tweet contains an @ that we care about."
(when (null twit-at-friends-cache)
(setq twit-at-friends-cache
(mapcar (lambda (s) (concat "@" s))
(cons twit-user (twit-get-friends)))))
(let ((at-regex "@\\([a-zA-Z0-9]+\\b\\)+")
(found-match nil))
(while (and (not found-match)
(string-match at-regex tweet))
(setq found-match (member (match-string 0 tweet) twit-at-friends-cache))
(setq tweet (substring tweet (+ 1 (string-match at-regex tweet)))))
(when nil
(twit-at-message-was-from-friend "@jonnay is the bomb")
(twit-at-message-was-from-friend "@sunnay is the bomb"))
;;; funciton to integrade with growl.el or todochiku.el
(defun twit-todochiku ()
(todochiku-message "twit.el"
(format "From %s:\n%s"
(cdr (assq 'user twit-last-tweet))
(cdr (assq 'text twit-last-tweet)))
(todochiku-icon 'social)))
(defun twit-grab-author-of-tweet ()
(let* ((find-overlays-specifying (lambda (prop)
(let ((overlays (overlays-at (point)))
(while overlays
(let ((overlay (car overlays)))
(if (overlay-get overlay prop)
(setq found (cons overlay found))))
(setq overlays (cdr overlays)))
(find-overlays-matching (lambda (prop value)
(let ((overlays (funcall find-overlays-specifying prop))
(when overlays
(dolist (overlay overlays)
(let ((val (overlay-get overlay prop)))
(if (equalp val value)
(setq match val)))))
(while (and (not (funcall find-overlays-matching 'face "twit-author-face"))
(not (eq (point) (point-min))))
(goto-char (previous-overlay-change (point))))
(thing-at-point 'word))))
(defun twit-check-page-prefix (page)
"For use with an interactive function. Checks the prefix arg, and returns a valid page."
(if (or (null page)
(<= page 1))
;;; Main interactive functions
;;* interactive direct
(defun twit-direct (user msg)
"Send a user a direct tweet.
If you are currently positioned over a tweet, then it will fill in the author of that
tweet as the default recipient.
This will attempt to do a completing read based on the people you
are following, if you have images turned on."
(list (let ((friends (mapcar (lambda (s) (substring s 1)) twit-at-friends-cache))
(cur-author (twit-grab-author-of-tweet)))
(completing-read (if cur-author
(concat "To (" cur-author "): ")
"To: ")
(read-string "Message: ")))
(if (> (length msg) 140)
(error twit-too-long-msg)
(twit-direct-message user msg)))
;;* post interactive
(defun twit-post (prefix)
"Send a post to
Prompt the first time for password and username \(unless
`twit-user' and/or `twit-pass' is set\) and for the text of the
post; thereafter just for post text. Posts must be <= 140 chars
A prefix argument will prompt you for your post in reply to a
specific author that hte cursor is nearest to.
(interactive "P")
(let* ((reply-to (when prefix
(post (twit-query-for-post (if reply-to
(concat "Reply to " reply-to)
(when reply-to
(concat "@" reply-to " ")))))
(if (> (length post) 140)
(error twit-too-long-msg)
(twit-post-function twit-update-url post))))
(defun twit-post-reply ()
"Reply to a status on"
(let* ((reply-to (get-text-property (point) 'user-id))
(parent-id (get-text-property (point) 'tweet-id))
(post (twit-query-for-post (concat "Reply to " reply-to)
(concat "@" reply-to " "))))
(if (> (length post) 140)
(error twit-too-long-msg)
(twit-post-function twit-update-url post parent-id))))
;;* post interactive
(defun twit-post-region (start end)
"Send text in the region as a post to
Uses `twit-post-function' to do the dirty work and to obtain
needed user and password information. Posts must be <= 140 chars
(interactive "r")
(let ((post (buffer-substring start end)))
(if (> (length post) 140)
(error twit-too-long-msg)
(twit-post-function twit-update-url post))))
;;* post interactive
(defun twit-post-buffer ()
"Post the entire contents of the current buffer to
Uses `twit-post-function' to do the dirty work and to obtain
needed user and password information. Posts must be <= 140 chars
(let ((post (buffer-substring (point-min) (point-max))))
(if (> (length post) 140)
(error twit-too-long-msg)
(twit-post-function twit-update-url post))))
;;* show followers refactorme interactive memoryleak
;; minor modes might be a cause of the memoryleak, see about removing them
(defun twit-list-followers ()
"Display a list of all your followers' names."
(pop-to-buffer "*Twit-followers*")
(let ((buffer-read-only nil))
(kill-region (point-min) (point-max))
(mapc (lambda (user)
(let* ((user (cdr user))
(user-name (nth 2 (assoc 'name user)))
(user-id (nth 2 (assoc 'screen_name user))))
(let ((start (point)))
(concat user-id
(if user-name
(concat " (" user-name ")")
"") "\n")
'((face . "twit-author-face")))
(set-text-properties start (point)
(list 'user-id user-id)))))
(xml-get-children (cadr (twit-parse-xml twit-followers-file "GET"))
;; set up mode as with twit-show-recent-tweets
(use-local-map twit-followers-mode-map)
(set-buffer-modified-p nil)
(setq buffer-read-only t))
(defun twit-show-user-timeline (user &optional page)
"Show the public timeline of a user."
(interactive "MUser: \nP")
(let ((page (twit-check-page-prefix page))
(b (get-buffer-create (format "*Twit-user-%s*" user))))
(display-buffer b)
(with-current-buffer b
(toggle-read-only 0)
(twit-parse-xml (format twit-user-timeline-file user page) "GET"))
(toggle-read-only 1)
(use-local-map twit-status-mode-map))))
;;; Helper function to insert text into buffer, add an overlay and
;;; apply the supplied attributes to the overlay
;;* helper write
(defun twit-insert (text attributes &optional prefix justify)
"Insert TEXT into a Twit buffer.
The inserted text will be wrappedd with `fill-region'.
An overlay containing ATTRIBUTES will be created around TEXT.
If specified, PREFIX will be added to the beginning of the text,
and used as the `fill-prefix'.
JUSTIFY is passed to `fill-region', and may be used to left-, center-,
or right-align the text."
(let ((start (point))
(fill-prefix (or prefix fill-prefix)))
(insert (concat fill-prefix text))
(let ((overlay (make-overlay start (point))))
(dolist (spec attributes)
(overlay-put overlay (car spec) (cdr spec))))
(fill-region start (point) justify)
;; Buttonize
(let ((end (point)))
(goto-char start)
(while (re-search-forward twit-hashtag-regexp end t)
(make-button (match-beginning 0) (match-end 0)
'searchtext (substring-no-properties (match-string 0))
'action (lambda (button)
(twit-search (button-get button 'searchtext)))
:type 'twit-hashtag-button))
;; Usernames
(goto-char start)
(while (re-search-forward twit-mention-regexp end t)
(make-button (match-beginning 0) (match-end 0)
'user (substring-no-properties (match-string 1))
'action (lambda (button)
(button-get button 'user)))
:type 'twit-user-button))))))
(defun twit-insert-user (username &optional realname)
"Insert a user (author) into a Twit buffer."
(let ((beg (point)))
(twit-insert (concat username (when realname (format " (%s)" realname))) nil)
(make-button beg (point) 'username username
'user username
'action (lambda (button)
(button-get button 'user)))
:type 'twit-user-button)))
;;* twit follow timer interactive
(defun twit-follow-recent-tweets ()
"Sets up a timer, and shows you the most recent tweets approx every 90 seconds.
You can change the time between each check by customizing `tiwt-follow-idle-interval'."
(twit-show-recent-tweets nil)
(twit-verify-and-set-rate-limit (twit-get-rate-limit))
(setq twit-rate-limit-timer (run-with-timer twit-rate-limit-interval twit-rate-limit-interval 'twit-get-and-set-async-rate-limit))
(setq twit-timer (run-with-timer twit-shadow-follow-idle-interval twit-shadow-follow-idle-interval 'twit-follow-recent-tweets-timer-function)))
;;* twit follow timer interactive
(defun twit-stop-following-tweets ()
"When you want to stop following tweets, you can use this function to turn off the timer."
(if (featurep 'todochiku)
(todochiku-message "Twit.el" "Twit.el Stopped Following Tweets" (todochiku-icon 'social)))
(cancel-timer twit-timer)
(cancel-timer twit-rate-limit-timer))
;;* tweet show refactorme interactive memoryleak
;; minor modes might be a cause of the memoryleak, see about removing them
(defun twit-show-recent-tweets (page)
"Display a list of the most recent tweets from people you're following.
You can use a prefix argument (C-u <number>) to skip between pages. If you are
following tweets by using `twit-follow-recent-tweets', these might get overwritten.
(let me know if that behavior bugs you, and I will make follow-tweets write into
a different buffer.)
Currently there is a bug where the first time you show tweets, it might come up
empty. This is being worked on.
Patch version from Ben Atkin."
(interactive "P")
(setq page (twit-check-page-prefix page))
(let ((b (get-buffer-create "*Twit-recent*")))
(display-buffer b)
(with-current-buffer b
(toggle-read-only 0)
(twit-write-recent-tweets (twit-parse-xml (format twit-friend-timeline-file page) "GET"))
;; !set up some sensible mode and useful bindings
(toggle-read-only 1)
(use-local-map twit-status-mode-map))))
;;* search helper
(defvar twit-this-sessions-searches 'nil
"A variable to store any searches that the user has already searched for this session.")
;;* interactive search
(defun twit-search (term)
"Run a twitter search for TERM.
Note that this is currently \"in beta\". It will get better."
(interactive (list (completing-read "Search Term: "
(append twit-completing-searches twit-this-sessions-searches))))
(when (not (or (member term twit-completing-searches)
(member term twit-this-sessions-searches)))
(setq twit-this-sessions-searches (cons term twit-this-sessions-searches)))
(with-twitter-buffer (concat "*Twit-Search-" (url-hexify-string term) "*")
(twit-write-search (twit-parse-xml (format twit-search-url
(url-hexify-string term))
;;* direct refactorme show interactive memoryleak
;; minor modes might be a cause of the memoryleak, see about removing them
(defun twit-show-direct-tweets (page)
"Display a
100 51470 0 51470 0 0 32878 0 --:--:-- 0:00:01 --:--:-- 56971
list of the most recent direct tweets.
With a numeric prefix argument, it will skip to that page like `twit-show-recent-tweets'."
(interactive "P")
(setq page (twit-check-page-prefix page))
(let ((b (get-buffer-create "*Twit-direct*")))
(display-buffer b)
(with-current-buffer b
(toggle-read-only 0)
(delete-region (point-min) (point-max))
(twit-insert (format-time-string "Direct messages: %c\n") '((face . "twit-title-face")))
(let ((times-through 0))
(dolist (msg-node (xml-get-children (cadr (twit-parse-xml (format twit-direct-msg-get-url page) "GET")) 'direct_message))
(twit-write-tweet msg-node nil times-through)
(setq times-through (+ 1 times-through))))
(toggle-read-only 1)
(use-local-map twit-status-mode-map))))
;;* at-you show interactive
(defun twit-show-at-tweets (page)
"Display a list of tweets that were @ you.
With a numeric prefix argument, it will skip to that page like `twit-show-recent-tweets'."
(interactive "P")
(setq page (twit-check-page-prefix page))
(with-twitter-buffer (concat "*Twit-at-" twit-user "*")
(twit-insert (format-time-string (concat "Twit @" twit-user ": %c\n"))
'((face . "twit-title-face")))
(let ((times-through 0))
(dolist (status-node (xml-get-children (cadr (twit-parse-xml (format twit-mentions-url page) "GET")) 'status))
(twit-write-tweet status-node t times-through)
(setq times-through (+ 1 times-through))))))
(defalias 'twit-search-at-to-me 'twit-show-at-tweets
"Aliased to `twit-show-at-tweets', does the same thing with a better interface.")
;;* mode
(define-minor-mode twit-minor-mode
"Toggle twit-minor-mode, a minor mode that binds some keys for
posting. Globally binds some keys to Twit's interactive functions.
With no argument, this command toggles the mode. Non-null prefix
argument turns on the mode. Null prefix argument turns off the mode.
\\{twit-minor-mode-map}" nil
" Twit"
'(("\C-c\C-tp" . twit-post)
("\C-c\C-tr" . twit-post-region)
("\C-c\C-tb" . twit-post-buffer)
("\C-c\C-tf" . twit-list-followers)
("\C-c\C-ts" . twit-show-recent-tweets))
:global t
:group 'twit
:version twit-version-number)
(provide 'twit)
;;; twit.el ends here