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Redmine CAS authentication plugin
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Added possibility to enable or disable CAS logout
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Redmine CAS Plugin

CAS single sign-on service authentication support for Redmine. Install and configure plugin to delegate login/logout actions to your CAS server.


Tested with Redmine 0.9.x
sudo gem install rubycas-client

As of version 0.3 httpclient dependency has been dropped.

Installation & Configuration

  • install the plugin:

    cd /vendor/plugins git clone redmine_cas

  • (re)start Redmine server

  • login as admin and go to Administration -> Plugins -> CAS Plugin -> Configure
  • Tick Enabled and enter CAS server base URL
  • Apply, logout
  • From now on all login requests will be delegated to CAS server Also all CAS based sessions will be delegated to CAS logout

You can also disable Sign in without CAS (native login) link using plugin configuration panel.

To access native login directly use http(s)://<redmine>/account/login_without_cas link.


Released under the same license as Redmine - GPL v2


  • Mirek Rusin
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