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Clone this repo and then in command line type:

  • npm install gulp-cli -g - install gulp-cli
  • npm install or yarn install - install all dependencies
  • gulp - run dev-server and let magic happen, or gulp --open
  • gulp build or gulp build --prod - build project from sources

NPM tasks:

  • npm run start - run gulp --open
  • npm run build - run gulp build --production


We have several useful flags.

  • gulp --open - open current project in browser
  • gulp --tunnel projectName - to make project available over
  • gulp [task_name] --prod or gulp [task_name] --production - run task in production mode. Some of the tasks (like, sass or js compilation) have additional settings for production mode (such as code minification), so with this flag you can force production mode.

Not necessary (env)

Install canvassmith engine to gulp.spritesmith package (macOS).

An engine can greatly improve the speed of your build (e.g. canvassmith) or support obscure image formats (e.g. gmsmith).

  • npm install -g node-gyp
  • brew install cairo
  • npm install canvassmith

Use flag --canvassmith:

  • gulp build --canvassmith --prod - use this engine when building a sprite