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##ReactJS - Rethinking Web UI

##The 'What' This is a presentation that I've been putting together for both NoogaJS and Devlink. As with any "introduction"-style presentation, the hope is to convey enough of the basics and the philosophy to encourage interested developers to go and check it out for themselves and start building things with it!

###Demo & Theme While preparing for Devlink, I wandered down a VERY fun rabbit trail researching classic video games. This theme/idea quickly made its way into the presentation, so hopefully you'll find it as fun as I did! The initial "let's build a component" walkthrough covers building just part of what landed in the demo (there's a partial demo of it after the code walk through, but the full demo is at the end of the slide deck). In the demo, you can cycle through 8 different games to see a description and trivia, and if you click on one of the pictures, it will open a trivia question about the game.

##The 'How' Clone this repo, and run npm install from the root. Then run npm start. If open doesn't open a browser window for you, open one to http://localhost:3080. I've only tested this presentation in Chrome - but odds are it will work fine in Safari and Firefox. No idea about IE. I often boot my windows VM just to intentionally neglect it.

###Navigation Controls:

  • Left and Right Arrow keys step one slide/frame at a time. (You can also use backspace and enter instead of left/right arrow, respectively.)
  • Some slides have multiple frames. You can skip between actual slides (skipping sub frames) by pressing alt while using left/right arrows.
  • Skip to the beginning or end of the deck by pressing cntrl+alt and using the left/right arrow keys.

IMPORTANT: Focus has to be on the page for the key navigation to work.

##The 'Why' I love the web - and I love JavaScript. However, as much of an OSS geek I've been – and as excited as I've been by the promises made my client-side frameworks – my hopes have been constantly dashed against the rocks. ReactJS is the first time my thinking about how UI should be done has been radically challenged and changed. I'm the most excited I've been about client-side UI in years, thanks to ReactJS.

##The Caveats For some reason, I thought it would be fun to build this presentation in React. This started when I wanted to just include embedded examples in my slide deck....and then I thought "I know, I'll just make my slides components, too". All that to's not exactly a shining example of "Hey! Go model your React project after my slide deck". Please don't. There are rough spots. I used a ton of brute force to make things happen. But I got to spend a lot of time playing with low level stuff, and that was a win. If you catch something I've missed, please tell me!

##Further Reading For anyone that comes across this repo (and especially those who attended the presentation), please let me direct you to the numerous giants upon whose shoulders I stand. The people and posts below are liberally quoted & referenced both in the actual slide content as well as what I typically say as I go through the presentation. In many ways this presentation is simply my own attempt to flatter each of them by imitation.


Let's just hope this isn't a mistake 😄






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