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  • Updated deferUntilTransition to support passing the string value of a single state OR an array of target states.
  • Removed bower.json & component.json files.


  • Fix broken formatting in
  • Fixed issue where this gets lost on processQueue by changing binding approach - #147


  • Fixed issue where the transitioned event was only firing if the state had handlers. (Fixes #137)


  • Fix example code in
  • Fixed #122 - Missing comma in readme example
  • Cleared out the currentActionArgs at the end of the handle behavior. (Fixes #127)
  • Ignored example directory for npm publishes.
  • Updated npm scripts to include call-through for all gulp tasks.


  • Refactored to use CommonJS modules and changed the build process to use webpack to generate a UMD.
  • Added the transitioned event, which fires after the _onEnter handler of a new state has completed execution.
  • Added support for additional custom arguments to be passed to the transition call, which then get passed as arguments to the _onEnter handler of the new state.
  • Fixed issue reported in #110, where behavioral FSMs were not correctly configuring the hierarchy (listening to correct child FSMs, reporting composite state correctly, etc.).
  • Removed Plato Reports.
  • Added Karma-based runner and related files.


  • Internal improvements to the Fsm prototype, thanks to @igncp.


  • Added compositeState method to the BehavioralFsm and Fsm prototypes.
  • Added compositeState assertions to tests where state is also being checked.
  • Fixed issue with atm example AccountView.
  • Tweaked istanbul setup to use gulp-spawn-mocha option.
  • Additional whitespace cleanup (removing last vestiges of node-beautify)


  • This was an accidental re-publishing of v1.0.1. Oops.


  • Added JSCS, visited formatting overall
  • Updated package.json to include only essential files when published to npm
  • Added gulp tasks for jshint, jscs & showing coverage


  • Updated lodash dependency version to 3.x

v1.0.0-2 (pre-release)

  • Updated README with note about handler return values & fixed strict markdown parsing
  • Updated name in bower.json
  • Updated lodash to v3.3.1

v1.0.0-1 (pre-release)

  • Added the BehavioralFsm constructor function/prototype.
  • Refactored the Fsm constructor to extend BehavioralFsm.
  • Hierarchical FSM trees are now possible. Child FSMs can be placed on the _child property of a state object (the instance directly, or a factory method that returns the child FSM instance).
  • Added the _reset input. This is optionally handled by any child FSM when the parent's _onEnter action has completed execution. (Provides a way for the child FSM to reset, effectively).
  • Converted all tests to use should.js (instead of expect.js).
  • Added istanbul code coverage.
  • Removed the internal deepExtend function in favor of using lodash's merge method.
  • The following instance properties were re-named on Fsm instances:
    • _priorAction is now priorAction.
    • _currentAction is now currentAction.
    • eventQueue is now inputQueue.
  • The trigger alias to the emit method has been removed.
  • The deferUntilNextHandler method on the Fsm.prototype has been removed.
  • The machina.utils.getDefaultOptions only returns the following properties by default:
    • initialState
    • eventListeners
    • states
    • namespace
    • useSafeEmit
    • hierarchy
    • pendingDelegations
  • Added machina.utils.getDefaultClientMeta, which returns the following properties:
    • inputQueue
    • targetReplayState
    • state:
    • priorState
    • priorAction
    • currentAction
    • currentActionArgs
    • inExitHandler
  • Added deferAndTransition to the BehavioralFsm prototype.


  • Apparently I fail at component.json spec-fulness. Removing ~ prefix on version number in component.json.


  • The lodash dep for component.json was using a wildcard instead of locking at supported version(s).


  • If an exception is thrown in an event handler, machina now logs exception.stack rather than the exception message only.


  • No changes from v0.4.0-2 other than making this the official v0.4 release


  • Input handlers now support returning a value (thanks to @Codelica for the PR)

v0.4.0-1 (first v0.4 pre-release of many)

  • Adjusted UMD to check for AMD before CommonJS.
  • CommonJS wrapper no longer returns a factory function, instead it returns the module value. BREAKING CHANGE (for node.js users, at least).


  • Fixed a bug where the instance-level initialState member was getting set to undefined if a states object was provided on the options constructor arg but not an initialState.
  • Added some code comments to the un-minified source as well to better explain the inheritance behavior changes.


  • Underscore.js is no longer a dependency - it has been replaced with Lodash.
  • Fixed issue where instances sharing a derived machina constructor that did not specify instance level state objects were sharing the prototype's states object from the parent Fsm constructor. The states object and initialState property are now built/blended together from the prototype chain and deep-clone-extended over the instance itself, so that they will always be instance level.
  • Added Alex Robson (@arobson) to contributors list in package.json - he was instrumental in helping me track down and squash the above-mentioned bug.
  • Added Dominic Barnes to the contributors list.
  • Inverted the changelog to show most recent first - you know...b/c...too lazy to scroll. :-)
  • Source in this version also has new jsbeautify settings applied - whitespace-laden commits, FML, but it was necessary going forward.
  • Removed failing LiveReload setup in the gulpfile. I plan to fix that in the v0.4 release.


  • Fixed issue in deferUntilNextHandler where deferred inputs were being queued as NEXT_TRANSITION instead of NEXT_HANDLER.
  • Moved invocation of on_Exit to occur just before the state property is updated, instead of just after.


  • Underscore is no longer required to be passed into the factory function for node usage. It will be required behind the scenes if not provided.


  • State handlers can optionally return a string value of the state to which you want to transition.
  • Transition events now include an action member which contains the "state.handler" value (string) indicating the current action which caused the transition.
  • Updated license info (still MIT, GPL >= 2.0)
  • Removed deprecated anvil dependency references


  • Fixed a bug in the internal deepExtend method (see this issue).
  • The initialize call will now receive the arguments passed to the constructor (see this issue).
  • The commonjs/node.s wrapper now returns a factory, to which you must pass dependencies (underscore, in this case). This is a breaking API change
  • The build process now outputs one module that can be used as a commonjs, AMD or standard client lib.


  • All internal events have been refactored to emit single argument payloads. This is a breaking API change.


  • FSM constructor function supports inheritance via an extend function - working mostly identical to backbone.js objects.
  • FSMs can have a top-level 'catch-all' ("*") handler defined, which would apply to any state, unless the state overrides it with a state-specific catch-all handler.
  • FSM states now have an _onExit handler.
  • The fireEvent has been removed. Use emit or the trigger alias. This is a breaking API change.
  • State input handlers can now be a string value (indicating that a transition should occur to a state matching that string value) in addition to a function.


  • event names are now all lower case
  • FSM constructor only handles an eventListeners object (not the old array of strings to pre-populate event names)
  • bug fixed where event queue would still be replayed on a state that transitioned during its entry action
  • transitioned and transitioning events are now just a single "transition" event


  • build bits updated to latest anvil.js (0.8.9)
  • added beginnings of connectivity example
  • updated ext dependencies (postal, etc.)
  • added bower component.json


  • Message bus integration has been removed from machina core, and now exists as plugins. For integration with postal.js, see machina.postal
  • Due to the above change, the only "messaging-related" metadata on an FSM now is the "namespace" value that can be passed as the FSM is created. This value is optional, and will be given a default if none is provided. Messaging plugins can utilize this value as a channel/namespace name and/or topic prefix.
  • A "priorState" member has been added to the Fsm.