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(defproject cascading-cassandra "2.0.7"
:description "Modern Cassandra tap for Cascading. Actually works with Cascading 2.0 and Cascalog 1.10."
:url ""
:min-lein-version "2.0.0"
:license {:name "Double licensed under the Eclipse Public License (the same as Clojure) or the Apache Public License 2.0."}
:dependencies []
;;:aot [com.ifesdjeen.cascading.cassandra.minitest]
:javac-options ["-target" "1.6" "-source" "1.6" "-Xlint:-options"]
:java-source-paths ["src/main/java"]
:test-paths ["src/test"]
:resource-paths ["src/resources"]
:profiles {:provided {:dependencies [[cascalog/cascalog-core "2.0.0"]
[cassandra-hadoop "0.1.5"
:exclusions [org.apache.avro/avro]]]}
:dev {:resource-paths ["src/resources"]
:jvm-opts ["-server"
:dependencies [[org.clojure/clojure "1.5.1"]
[org.xerial.snappy/snappy-java "1.0.5"]
[cassandra-hadoop "0.1.5"
:exclusions [org.apache.avro/avro]]
[clojurewerkz/cassaforte "1.2.0"
:exclusions [org.apache.thrift/libthrift
[commons-lang/commons-lang "2.6"]]}}
:test-selectors {:all (constantly true)
:focus :focus
:default (constantly true)}
:repositories {"conjars" ""
"sonatype" {:url ""
:snapshots false
:releases {:checksum :fail :update :always}}
"sonatype-snapshots" {:url ""
:snapshots true
:releases {:checksum :fail :update :always}}}
:pedantic :warn)
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