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ofxparse is a parser for Open Financial Exchange (.ofx) format files. OFX files
are available from almost any online banking site, so they work well if you
want to pull together your finances from multiple sources. Online trading accounts
also provide account statements in OFX files.
There are three different types of OFX files. This library has been tested with
BankAccount files. The other two types, CreditAccount and InvestmentAccount have
not been tested. If you have a sample of these other types that could be used to
help this project, please see the Help! section below.
Example Usage
Here's a sample program::
from ofxparse import OfxParser
ofx = OfxParser.parse(file('file.ofx'))
ofx.account # An account with information
ofx.account.number # The account number
ofx.account.routing_number # The transit id (sometimes called branch number)
ofx.account.statement # Account information for a period of time
ofx.account.statement.start_date # The start date of the transactions
ofx.account.statement.end_date # The end date of the transactions
ofx.account.statement.transactions # A list of account activities
ofx.account.statement.balance # The money in the account as of the statement date
ofx.account.statement.available_balance # The money available from the account as of the statement date
I'm looking for different types of accounts to make this library more robust. I'm looking for sample
credit account or investment account files. Please (anonymize first) and mail to jseutter dot ofxparse
at gmail dot com.
ofxparse is released under an MIT license. See the LICENSE file for the actual
license text. The basic idea is that if you can use Python to do what you are
doing, you can also use this library.