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@StarrHelixx StarrHelixx released this Jan 10, 2020 · 29 commits to master since this release

This update introduces a number of minor feature updates/upgrades. It also fixes a major bug which broke the Next Scene function in the v3.0 release.

"Portable Mode" can now be enabled in the Settings. This saves your data in the same place as your FlipFlip executable. That way, you can take it around with you. Be aware, you will need to enable this in your Settings on each new machine. Then, you can choose to keep the local data or the portable data.

Other minor features include control of video playback speed, new color options for background and strobe, new options for moving to the next scene, improved video clipper user experience, and playlist support. See below for a full list of updates.

Please report any issues or bugs here on GitHub or at /r/FlipFlip.

User Manual

Download the .zip for your Operating System below.

New Minor Features

  • Add Portable Mode (saves in same directory as FlipFlip)
  • Add ability to designate video playback speed
  • Add more color options to background and strobe (single, set, or random colors)
  • Add ability to move to next scene after all images are played
  • Add ability to move to next scene when an audio track ends
  • Add ability to move to next scene when the caption script completes
  • Add ability to clone scenes
  • Add video control hotkeys to video clipper
  • Double click Start/End in video clipper to set as current timestamp
  • Add support for .asx, .m3u8, .pls, and .xspf playlist files
  • Add option to rotate portrait videos
  • Fix bugs with loading and playing next scene
  • Fix bug when playing grid with empty scene
  • Fix bug with pop-up messages
  • Fix bug with drawer in new window
  • Fix ImageFap scraping
  • Fix Twitter scraping
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