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iFiske - Fishing Permits

This is the GitHub repo for the iFiske Android and iOS app. The app is developed using the Ionic Framework which builds on cordova.

For more information about iFiske, visit!

Table of contents

Quick start

Building locally

Install NodeJS using your preferred method. You will also need npm, which usually is installed when installing node.

Make sure to use at least NodeJS v8 and npm v5. Using the most recent version is recommended. You can not use yarn if you want to build with cordova, so using npm is recommended.

git clone
cd ifiske
npm install
npm start


Make sure that you are logged in to Ionic Pro and have configured the git access correctly.

Bump version

Run npm run deploy in order to do a major, minor or patch bump.

Usually you should bump patch, but if you have changed the native cordova plugins, you should bump minor.

Build the code on Ionic Pro

The code should build automatically on Ionic Pro. When the build has finished you can trigger a native build if you made any changes to the native cordova plugins.

IMPORTANT: Set up the version information

Make sure to set up the version information correctly in the dashboard.

Set minimum to the latest compatible release (usually the latest minor release).

Set Maximum and Equivalent to the version number you are deploying.

Test your changes using Developer Mode

Enable Developer Mode and install the latest Master channel deploy. Make sure everything seems OK.

Deploy to Production

If everything seems OK, deploy to the Production channel in the dashboard.

Bug reports and feature requests

Create an issue on this page, or contact the developers directly.

Contact us

Gustav Bylund

Filip Marko


Code and documentation released under the Apache License.

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