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Winston Express

Winston Express is a helper for express, that allows you to log to winston from the browser.

It is simple to use.

var winstonExpress = require('winston-express')
  , winston = require('winston')
  , express = require('express')
  , app = express.createServer();

// winstonExpress takes two parameters,
// an express app, and a winston logger instance.
winstonExpress(app, winston);

Only call winstonExpress() once, or bad things could happen

Add the following script tag to your html:

<script type="text/javascript" src="/winston/client.js"></script>

Winston Express requires jQuery to be included before itself in the browser.

From there, you are ready to go! Anywhere in your browser side code you can use winston:

winston.log('info', 'This is informational...');'This is more info');
winston.myCustomLevel('winston is aware of error levels you define');
winston.anotherCustomLevel('but only if you define them before calling winstonExpress()');
winston.log('debug', 'meta data is also allowed', {this: 'is', meta: 'data'});