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IFML Editor

The open source Eclipse editor for IFML (Interaction Flow Modeling Language).

The editor is based on Sirius an Eclipse project to facilitate the creation of modeling editors.

Using the tool

Instructions on how to install and get started with the tool are available in the tool web page


  • IFMLEditor: project with model and model sources.
    • Folder “Model”: contains the .ecore and the .genmodel.
  • IFMLEditor.edit : project with the generated edit code.
  • IFMLEditor.editor: project with the generated editor code.
  • IFMLEditorDesign: project with the editor design
    • Folder “description”: IFML.odesign file which specifies the editor
    • Source Folder “templates” inside the src folder: helper.mtl file, which specifies some queries, used by the IFML.odesign.


  • In order to avoid problems due to the existence of elements with the same name in other metamodels the following elements were renamed only for the Editor:
        - Action --> IFML Action
        - Menu --> IFMLMenu
        - Slot --> IFMLSlot
        - Parameter --> IFMLParameter
        - Window --> IFMLWindow
        - Port --> IFMLPort
        - Module --> IFMLModule
  • In order to generate a unique identifier for each element the class in the package IFML.Core.impl in the Model Project was modified:
        - inserting the following line in the ElementImpl Constructor
        - marking the constructor @generated NOT
        - changing the variable ID_EDEFAULT value from null to "":
          protected static final String ID_DEFAULT = ""


IFML Editor is the result of a collaboration between WebRatio, Politecnico di Milano and the INRIA research team AtlanMod.