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They Work For You API

This a node module for They Work For You API (; I will use twfy to mention it in the rest of this document.

How to install

I've supposed that you have installed NodeJS and npm, so

npm install theyworkforyou-api

How to use

To use this module, you must have a twfy API key, which you can get easy from its website.

Then, let's start

var twfyAPI = require('theyworkforyou-api');

var twfyClient = twfyAPI('YOUR API KEY');

var promise = twfyClient.getMPs();

  function (data) {'Awesome, it succeeded');'There is ' + data.length + ' MPs');

  function (err) {
    console.error('Sucks, something was wrong');
    console.error('Error message:' + err.message);

Launch the test

To launch the tests is as pretty much straightforward as install the module, so

  • install the dev-dependencies
  • add your API key in the file config/api.json

launch the test:

make test

About the development

I developed this module with livescript so if you only are interested in the javascript code you have to compile it doing:

make build

Then you will have the javascript code in build directory

What does it need?

  1. Create a more thorough tests for all the APIs
  2. ... Fork an add your thoughts


Just MIT, in details in LICENSE file