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"Hidden Link": SugarCube (v2.18)


"Hidden Link" demostrates how to create a 'hidden' link that is only revealed when the cursor passes over it.

Using CSS and JavaScript, a rule is created for transparent color and applied or removed through using jQuery's on() function with 'mouseenter' and 'mouseleave' events.

The use of the postdisplay functionality is also used to run JavaScript after each passage is displayed.

Live Example

<iframe src="sugarcube_hiddenlink_example.html" height=400 width=90%></iframe>

Download: Live Example

Twee Code

:: StoryTitle
SugarCube: Hidden Link

:: UserScript[script]
postdisplay['hidden-link-setup'] = function () {
		Hidden links that are always hidden:
			<span class="hidden">[[A hidden link]]</span>

		Hidden links that hide unless you're hovering over them:
			<span class="hides">[[A hidden link]]</span>
		.on('mouseenter', function () {
		.on('mouseleave', function () {

		Hidden links that reveal themselves when you hover over them:
			<span class="reveals">[[A hidden link]]</span>
		.one('mouseenter', function () {

:: UserStylesheet[stylesheet]
.hidden a {
	color: transparent;

:: Start
A hidden link that's always hidden: <span class="hidden">[[A hidden link]]</span>

A hidden link that hides unless you're hovering over it: <span class="hides">[[A hidden link]]</span>

A hidden link that reveals itself when you hover over it: <span class="reveals">[[A hidden link]]</span>

:: A hidden link
You found it!

Download: Twee Code