Alliance Custom Post type helps you to create custom post type easily in WordPress. Also help you to create taxonomies easily.
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This class requires PHP 5. Make sure you have it running.

To intergate it, download the class file alc_post_type.php , and move it into the root of your theme directory.

Next, include the alc_post_type.php file in your functions.php using include function

include (TEMPLATEPATH . '/alc_post_type.php');

Now you have access to the class and its methods. At first instantiate the class. For example we will us a video post type.

$video = new Alc_post_type('video');

That's it. A custom post type has been created. Now you can use more codes to override some of default settings. For example, If you want you provide a support for title or editor or both, then use this.

$video->supports(array('title', 'thumbnail', 'editor', 'comments'));

Now if you look carefully, you will see Alliance Post Type automatically generate labels such as 'Add New Video', 'Edit Video' etc. You can also overrride them using 'change_labels' method. Here is an example

$custom_labels = array(
			'add_new' => 'Create New',
			'add_new_item' => 'Add New Item',


You can also define capability type , post or page. Default is post. Example $video->post_type('page');

That's not everything, However you can also create custom taxonomy for post your post type. If you want to create a taxonomy like categories, here is an example. The first parameater will be a name what you want and the second parameater is taxonomy type. It can be 'cats' or 'tags'.

$video->add_tax('Type', 'cats');

To create a taxonomy like tags, use this

$video->add_tax('Keywords', 'tags');