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Translation for refactored collections in teaching section of builder

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1 parent 88b09b5 commit a7e269b664f8ead990695fabb02371e51ba29fa3 @martinezo martinezo committed Dec 7, 2012
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@@ -2530,11 +2530,11 @@ es:
student_advices: 'Asesoría a estudiantes'
other_teaching_activities: 'Actividades de docencia'
teaching_products: 'Productos de docencia'
- phd_theses: 'Tesis de doctorado'
- mastery_theses: 'Tesis de maestría'
- degree_theses: 'Tesis de licenciatura'
- technician_theses: 'Tesis de carrera técnica'
- bachelor_theses: 'Tésis de licenciatura'
+ for_phd: 'Tesis de doctorado'
+ for_master: 'Tesis de maestría'
+ for_bachelor_degree: 'Tesis de licenciatura'
+ for_technician: 'Tesis de carrera técnica'
+ for_high_school: 'Tésis de licenciatura'
unfinished_theses: 'Tesis en proceso'
tech_activities: 'Actividades técnico-académicas'

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