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Module Apache for detect devices
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Welcome to the Apache Mobile Filter Plus - the fastest mobile detection.

Installation is very simple:

  1. Install gcc, Apache Webserver 2.0.x/2.2.x/2.4.x or newer and Apache Extensions Tool (APXS, included in httpd-devel) (downloadable from libcurl is also recommended.

  2. As root, run the install script: . ./ Note that if you have apxs installed in a non-standard directory (i.e. /opt as used by Red Hat Software Collections) you will need to manually enter the path.

  3. Update your Apache configuration with the path to store the AMF config files and add other parameters as necessary.

  4. Restart Apache: apachectl restart

That's it!!!

Enjoy AMF+

For more info:

Copyrights (c) 2009-2018, All Rights Reserved

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