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Apache Mobile Filter

AMF is a suite of instruments created by [http://www.idelfuschini.it/ Idel Fuschini], that allow access to a Device Repository (such as [http://51degrees.mobi 51Degrees], [http://www.scientiamobile.com WURFL], [http://www.detectright.com DetectRight] or others) directly from Apache: now you can detect devices no matter what language your website uses.

The module detects the mobile device and passes the WURFL capabilities on to the other web application as environment variables. It can also be used to resize images on the fly to adapt to the screen size of the mobile device.

Another use of AMF is to use it as a switcher to identify mobile devices, and are directed to their websites on the most appropriate.

From november 2012 is started a new project for develops Apache module C, the fastest way to detect mobile devices.

Last AMF version

The last official version of AMF is 4.33 the [http://www.apachemobilefilter.org/download/ download] version are available at the usual places.

Here is place the CHANGE file

Official site The official site of AMF is: http://www.apachemobilefilter.org

AMF is a suite The AMF suite is composed of this modules:

The AMF goals

  • help developer to detect easily any type of device
  • have one solution for any platform (Unix, linux, OS X, Windows)
  • give a simple solution for any programming language (PHP, Python, JSP, Ruby, Perl etc....)
  • Manage Images easily
  • high performane
  • quick installation of the tool
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