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package co.ifwe.antelope.feature
import co.ifwe.antelope._
import co.ifwe.antelope.util._
* Naive Bayes assumes independence between terms from the query context, an
* assumption that rarely holds true (certainly not in our examples) but that
* often proves effective nonetheless. We have the flexibility to combine
* this as one of several features in a model.
* @param ide
* @param t
* @param s
* @tparam T context type in which we will be scoring this feature
class NaiveBayesPopularityFeature[T <: ProductSearchScoringContext](ide: IdExtractor, t: Terms)(implicit val s: State[T])
extends Feature[ProductSearchScoringContext] {
val ct = s.counter(ide, t.termsFromUpdate)
override def score(implicit ctx: ProductSearchScoringContext) = {
val queryTerms = t.termsFromQueryContext(ctx)
id: Long => => {
ct(id, term) div ct(id)
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