This is a small application demonstrating how to do concurrent programming with node.js, Express and Seq.
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nodejs-concurrency-sample application

This is a small application demonstrating concurrent programming using the node.js event-driven framework, VisionMedia Express web framework, and Seq concurrency library.

This application is very similar to my sinatra-synchrony-sample application, which is just built on a different stack -- Ruby, Sinatra, EventMachine, EventMachine::Synchrony, and Kyle Drake's sinatra-synchrony stack.

Running the application

  1. Install node.js and npm

  2. Install MySQL and its headers.

  3. Install the application's dependencies:

     make setup
  4. Edit the Settings lines at the top of the app.js file to set your database credentials if necessary.

  5. Start the application:

     make serve
  6. Access the application with your web browser: http://localhost:3000/


This code provided under the MIT License, see LICENSE.txt for details.