This is a small application demonstrating Kyle Drake's `sinatra-synchrony` stack, available at
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sinatra-synchrony sample application

This is a small application demonstrating Kyle Drake's sinatra-synchrony stack.

You may want to look at my nodejs-concurrency-sample application, which is the same application implemented using the node.js event-driven framework, VisionMedia Express web framework, and Seq concurrency library.


This code doesn't work correctly, and will hang and crash. My hope is that someone that knows how these libraries are intended to work can submit a pull request with corrections so I and others could submit documentation patches back to the originating projects. Or if these are bugs, please comment so we can bugs. Please see FIXME lines in the app.rb file for details.

Running the application

  1. Install Ruby 1.9.2, MySQL and the MySQL headers.

  2. Install Bundler:

     gem install bundler
  3. Install the application's dependencies:

     bundle install
  4. Copy settings~defaults.yml to settings.yml and customize it with your database credentials and such.

  5. Start the application:

     thin start
  6. Access the application with your web browser: http://localhost:3000/


This code provided under the MIT License, see LICENSE.txt for details.