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Simple AVI to matroska MKV converter
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avi2mkv Project Status

What it does.

Simple (stupid) script to transform an AVI video to matroska MKV.

It's simple because you don't need to provide any arguments to work.

It's powerful because this script will do these things for you:

  • Convert all the video and audio tracks of the AVI.
  • Look for all the SRT subtitles and append it to the MKV file.
  • Generate a MKV file with the same name than the AVI (and in the same place).
  • If you provide a directory, avi2mkv will convert all the AVI videos of the dir.

What I need.

To use avi2mkv, you need at least:

  • Python (>=2.6)
  • mkvtools

How to install it.

First, install the required dependences.

Use your favourite package manager to accomplish this task.

$ brew install mkvtoolnix
  • Linux (with apt-get)::
$ sudo apt-get install mkvtoolnix

Then, you can install the last version of avi2mkv in two ways.

  • You can use easy_install::
$ sudo easy_install avi2mkv
  • Or, if it's installed in your system, you can use pip::
$ sudo pip install avi2mkv

How to use

To run, you only need to execute the installed command::

$ avi2mkv --help

To convert a video (or a list of videos) you only need to provide the filename.

The output video will be placed in the same directory of the original one, and with the same name (ended with .mkv)::

$ avi2mkv My_Video.avi My_Video2.avi

If you provide a directory, avi2mkv will transform all the .avi videos that are in the directory::

$ avi2mkv My_Videos/

Finally, avi2mkv will take all the SRT subtitles of the video. To do this, the script will search all the files with the same prefix that the .avi video (without the extension) that ends with a .srt extension.

To take the language of the subtitles, avi2mkv will take the part that differs of the filename of both files (the avi and the srt), stripped.

For example, in the following scenario::

$ ls
  "My_Video1.avi" "My_Video1" "My_Video1"
$ avi2mkv My_Video1.avi

avi2mkv will take the two subtitles files, and the name of the languages will be Spanish and Englishhh.


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