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remove reference to "basebox" option.

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@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ this is essentially making a copy based on the templates provided above.
The basebox 'myubuntubox' has been succesfully created from the template ''ubuntu-10.10-server-i386'
You can now edit the definition files stored in definitions/myubuntubox
or build the box with:
- veewee vbox basebox build 'myubuntubox'
+ veewee vbox build 'myubuntubox'
-> This copies over the templates/ubuntu-10.10-server-i386 to definition/myubuntubox
@@ -47,15 +47,15 @@ If you need to change values in the templates, be sure to run the rake undefine,
## Getting the cdrom file in place
Put your isofile inside the 'currentdir'/iso directory or if you don't run
- $ veewee vbox basebox build 'myubuntubox'
+ $ veewee vbox build 'myubuntubox'
- the build assumes your iso files are in 'currentdir'/iso
- if it can not find it will suggest to download the iso for you
- use '--force' to overwrite an existing install
## Build the new box:
- $ veewee vbox basebox build 'myubuntubox'
+ $ veewee vbox build 'myubuntubox'
- This will create a machine + disk according to the definition.rb
- Note: :os_type_id = The internal Name Virtualbox uses for that Distribution
@@ -108,7 +108,7 @@ If you don't use rvm, be sure to execute vagrant through bundle exec
Start of an existing one
- $ veewee vbox basebox define 'mynewos' 'ubuntu...'
+ $ veewee vbox define 'mynewos' 'ubuntu...'
- Do changes in the currentdir/definitions/mynewos
- When it builds ok, move the definition/mynewos to a sensible directory under templates

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