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A prototype for per-contract sharding using the Replica protocol.
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huxiang 互相

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A prototype for per-contract sharding. At its core, huxiang is a library for functorially defined communicating state machines over TCP. The core feature is the coalescent product construction, which allows to compute a process acting as an interpreter for the asynchronous product of several processes executing a distributed monitoring protocol (the "replica" protocol).

For now, this code should certainly not be used for purposes beyond experimenting. The library provides a functor Node.Make parameterized by a "process". A process specifies 1) which messages can be sent and received, and 2) a transition function from input to outputs. Given a module of type Process, the Node.Make functor returns a module for deploying an actual network node, ready to communicate and implement the transition function.

The replica construction corresponds to the Replica.Make functor.

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