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As a contributor to this project, you agree that any of your contributions be licensed under the same terms and conditions as the license of the igatools project granted to you.

The igatools project does not require copyright assignments for contributions. This means that the copyright for code contributions in the igatools project is held by its respective contributors who have each agreed to release their contributed code under the terms of the GPL v3 or later.

If you consider providing some code for including into the library, these are the simple rules of gaining reputation in the Open Source community:

  • your reputation grows with the number and complexity of your contributions;
  • your reputation with the maintainers of the library also grows with the degree of conformance of your proposed additions with the administrative rules stated below;

In order to allow that a library remains a consistent piece of software, there are a number of administrative rules:

  • there are a number of maintainers that decide what goes into the library: they are the leading developers;
  • maintainers are benevolent, i.e. in general they want your addition to become part of the library;
  • however, they have to evaluate additions with respect to some criteria, among which are value for others;
  • whether it fits into the general framework (meaning that if your contribution requires the installation of some obscure other library that people do not usually have, then that must be discussed; alternatively, a way must be provided to disable your contribution on machines that do not have this lib);
  • conformity with the coding conventions
  • completeness and amount of documentation;
  • existence and completeness of error checking through assertions.
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