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Builds a docker image for Riak.

docker run -d nisaacson/riak


To build a docker image, use the included Vagrantfile to launch up a virtual machine with docker already installed. The Vagrantfile uses the vagrant docker provisioner to install docker


To launch the vagrant virtual machine

cd /path/to/this/repo
vagrant up --provision

Once the virtual machine is running it will have the Riak server already started within it

Accessing Docker

# log into the virtual machine
vagrant ssh
# show a list of running images
docker ps
# to ensure that the image exists, you should see the `riak-client` image in the list output
docker images

# connect to the riak service running in the container via riak http interface
curl "http://localhost:8098"

# You can connect to the running container via the mapped ssh port
ssh -p 2222 root@localhost
# password: basho


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