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# Define version and release number
%define version 1.0.2
%define release 1
Name: php-igbinary
Version: %{version}
Release: %{release}%{?dist}
Packager: Mikko Koppanen <>
Summary: PHP igbinary extension
License: PHP Style License (
Group: Web/Applications
# pear package creates .tgz file and the original source was .tar.gz
Prefix: %{_prefix}
Buildroot: %{_tmppath}/%{name}-%{version}-%{release}-root
BuildRequires: php-devel, make, gcc, /usr/bin/phpize
Igbinary is a drop in replacement for the standard PHP serializer.
Instead of time and space consuming textual representation,
igbinary stores PHP data structures in a compact binary form.
%setup -q -n igbinary-%{version}
/usr/bin/phpize && %configure && %{__make} %{?_smp_mflags}
# Clean the buildroot so that it does not contain any stuff from previous builds
[ "%{buildroot}" != "/" ] && %{__rm} -rf %{buildroot}
# Install the extension
%{__make} install INSTALL_ROOT=%{buildroot}
# Create the ini location
%{__mkdir} -p %{buildroot}/etc/php.d
# Preliminary extension ini
echo "" > %{buildroot}/%{_sysconfdir}/php.d/igbinary.ini
[ "%{buildroot}" != "/" ] && %{__rm} -rf %{buildroot}
* Fri Oct 02 2009 Mikko Koppanen <>
- Initial spec file