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Animation retargeting addon for Blender 3D.

The Main Goal

The main goal is to link/synchronize target armature bones with a source ones in real-time using some math magic.

Thus, allowing you to use your next favorite tools for baking/exporting/using the result motions. For the glory of the Unix way.

How to Install

Blender 2.82 isn't supported by this addon coz there's no known trick to force depsgraph to refresh pose on each frame.

How to Use

  • Select the destination armature object in a 3D View area
  • Go to the Object Properties panel
  • Choose the source armature object in the Select Source: field
  • Choose source bones for each bone that should be linked
  • Position target bones along with source ones, to make the target armature almost the same pose as the source one
  • Use the Link rotation and Link location buttons to specify which kind of animation should be copied: rotation only, translation only, or both.
  • Change the current frame number to see how target bones follow to source ones

Relative positions of bones can be adjusted at any time. To do this the respective Link rotation or Link location button should be temporarily switched off.

TL;DR - use the following video tutorial (text subtitles can be auto-translated by YouTube):

Video Tutorial