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igemnace's dotfiles


This repo is full of cruft, hard-coding, hacks, and whatnot. I might have been proud of my dotfiles at some point in time, but as I've grown in learning, I've come to realize that none of what I do here is done elegantly.

I'll be giving as much effort as I can spare to remedy this, but that's not saying much. It'll take me quite a bit of time to clean this up.

To anyone else reading this, you are free to steal a snippet or two if you like something; I leave it to your good judgment. Caveat emptor.


These are the miscellaneous dotfiles for most of the themed elements in my desktop (i3, rofi, etc).

My zsh, tmux, and vim configs aren't here. Those configs are much more than just styling, so they have their own repos. If you want to check them out, see the following repos:

I'm also starting out with Emacs. (Update: Heh. 4 months into the future, still "starting out with Emacs"!)

My Emacs config isn't as rich as the above, but it's still hosted on its own repo:


The dotfiles are for the following programs:

  • ALSA with PulseAudio
  • cmus
  • feh
  • GTK 2.0
  • GTK 3.0
  • i3
  • i3bar
  • i3lock
  • i3status
  • light (for brightness)
  • rofi
  • rxvt-unicode
  • Xbindkeys
  • Xcape
  • Xmodmap
  • Xorg


There's an install script, but I don't recommend it.

Better to just grab bits and pieces, then place in their proper locations (cfg/ follows $HOME directory structure).


If anyone else sees this and wants to use it, go ahead.

This project is licensed under the Unlicense and is entirely under public domain.


Clean desktop: wallpaper

Hack session (working on Lisp koans with Vim and SBCL): hack

Emacs (working on the same Lisp koans project): emacs

Org session (Vimwiki top left, Todo.txt bottom left, Mutt top right, shell access bottom right): mail todo

My Todo.txt helper script (adding a todo): todo-add

My Todo.txt helper script (marking a todo as done with FZF): todo-fzf

Entertainment session (playing music with cmus and cli-visualizer): music

Games workspace (playing Nethack on cool-retro-term): crt-nethack

Vivaldi (running Quick Commands): vivaldi-quick-commands

Vivaldi (opening side panel): vivaldi-side-panel