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A Vim plugin for managing your makeprgs.
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Do you know about Vim's own :make system? It's great! You can set makeprg to any executable program, so you can use :make not just to run make with a Makefile, but also to run linters, build scripts, task runners, etc.

Vim will then catch the results of :make into a quickfix list, so you can jump to any errors, down to the correct filename, line, and column!

This plugin is designed to be a companion to :make.


I made this plugin because I was tired of having to change my makeprg or compiler every time I wanted to run a different task. Switching between :compiler eslint and :compiler jest gets old really fast.

Sure, you can map, but it gets harder when you start to work across different projects: some use different linters or test runners, some use a Makefile, some use an npm script, some need to generate tags, etc. Madness!

With this plugin, all I have to do is specify my make-related tasks in a .makery.json file in my project root. For example, one of my React Native projects has the following .makery.json:

  "lint": {"compiler": "eslint"},
  "reload": {"makeprg": "adb shell input keyevent 82"},
  "tags": {"makeprg": "es-ctags -R src"},
  "test": {"compiler": "jest"}

Now I can just run :Mlint to lint, :Mreload to reload the JS code on my connected Android device, :Mtags to generate tags, and :Mtest to run tests. Nifty!

The best part is I can specify different behavior for :Mlint or :Mtest depending on which project I'm in, by providing the necessary .makery.json for each of my projects!

Even programs like ctags or adb fit well because of this, even though you don't necessarily need the quickfix for them. Instead of fiddling with different :! incantations for different projects, you can just use :Mtags and be done with it!


Copy the contents of plugin, autoload, doc to ~/.vim on UNIX-like systems, or install with your favorite plugin manager.


Makery.vim allows you to specify different configurations of makeprg, errorformat, and compiler for different projects by indicating them in a dict in your vimrc, like so:

let g:makery_config = {
\   "~/src/my-c-project": {
\     "lint": {"compiler": "clang-format"},
\     "tags": {"makeprg": "ctags -R src"},
\     "build": {"compiler": "gcc"}
\   },
\   "~/src/my-js-project": {
\     "lint": {"compiler": "eslint"},
\     "tags": {"makeprg": "es-ctags -R src"},
\     "build": {"makeprg": "yarn"},
\     "test": {"compiler": "jest"}
\   }
\ }

As always in Vim, the docs are the authoritative source. Read :help makery for a more detailed description.

You can also specify each project's configuration within its own .makery.json file, like so:

  "lint": {"compiler": "eslint"},
  "reload": {"makeprg": "adb shell input keyevent 82"},
  "tags": {"makeprg": "es-ctags -R src"}

Note that JSON support requires Vim 8 or higher (since these versions offer JSON support out of the box). Read :help makery-json for a bit more detail.

You can also specify configuration within your .projections.json if you use tpope's vim-projectionist, like so:

  "src/*.js": {
    "type": "js",
    "makery": {
      "lint": {"compiler": "eslint"},
      "tags": {"makeprg": "es-ctags -R src"},
      "build": {"makeprg": "yarn build"},
      "test": {"compiler": "jest"}
  "scripts/*": {
    "type": "script",
    "makery": {
      "lint": {"compiler": "shellcheck"},
      "build": {"makeprg": "make"}


After setting up your Makery commands (either through g:makery_config or a .makery.json file), you can simply call the commands through the :M prefix, e.g. :Mlint or :Mcompile.

Using the :LM prefix instead of :M will make use of the location list instead of the quickfix list, courtesy of :lmake. This can be handy for some commands, e.g. :LMlint %.

Read :help makery-usage for a bit more detail.

In case you already have an existing command with the same name, you can still access the commands through the full :Makery form, e.g. :Makery lint or :Makery compile.

Read :help makery-overwrite-existing and :help makery-:Makery for a bit more detail.

Other Usage

Async Support

Makery.vim works well with any plugins that provide an async :make implementation, such as tpope's dispatch.vim.

It does this by trying to use a :Make command if one exists. Read :makery-async for an example, or look up your favorite async plugin's documentation to learn how to provide such a command.

Key Mappings

If there are commands that you use frequently across multiple projects, you could always just map a key to trigger those commands. For example,

nnoremap <f3> :LMlint %<CR>
nnoremap <f4> :Mtags<CR>
nnoremap <f5> :Mbuild<CR>


This plugin takes a lot of inspiration from tpope's projectionist.vim.

Some functions for JSON-reading logic come from projectionist, as well as the idea of exposing commands with a :M prefix (projectionist uses a similar :E prefix).


This project is free and open source software, licensed under the Vim license. You are free to use, modify, and redistribute this software.

Take a look at :h license for more info.

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